Thursday, December 17, 2009

Young Money on Monique Show


Wayne and his whole YM fam were on The Monique Show last night on BET. I caught a tad bit of the performance and seen the rest on youtube. I must say that it is 1.5 billion of them all happily on stage together. Kudos to Wayne for being a man of charity and a great father(again). Also kudos to Monique for making sure that she put it out there that no rappers arent perfect but they are darn good business men, and most of them do more for our communities than we do.

I must say that Wayne is so bashful at times its almost cute. I love that he proudly said he's a daddy of four and that they are most important to him. Not that Wayne ever bites his tongue, but Im even more happy that he didnt this time. I can also respect Waynes answer about Reginae hearing his music. He said she's gonna hear it anyway, so he'd rather her hear him. Which might sound foolish to some, but consider this- if she hears it from him, then she can go to him and he as her daddy can explain it to her. I agree with Wayne, and other parents can use what he is saying as instruction to talk to your kids about sex, drugs whatever. Trust if you dont someone/thing (tv, radio, Wayne) will!Also kudos to Wayne for saying that if he werent a rapper he'd be in school. That is so big for him to say. Why you ask? Well believe it or not, some kid's view of school and how cool it is was changed in that one moment. Young people really respect rappers and hang on to their every word. Also, many of you may not know that Wayne was like a baby genius in school when he was younger, so I totally believe he'd made a great lawyer. Look beyond people's outer appearances, you might find the good in them.

Shout out to ALL of YM on stage. Shanell held it down center stage the whole performance, I was buggin! Like- does she have a part in this song that Im not aware of? I love it though. Is it just me or is Wayne forever hugging up on her? Anywho she's mad cool look out for her music, she has a song right now called , "Play In My Band" ft. Wayne that rocks out..check it. Also Nicki held her own of course. Its almost expected now that she will take the shine from anybody she shares the stage with right now. As soon as they call her name or her part comes up- the audiences always go crazy. I've said before and I'll say it again- Nicki do you! Monique showed her a lot of love and even stepped to her about being "The Mistress" LOL. Too many fellas to write about them all, so the ladies get the spot light today, but I wish YM much success. If you missed it- of course Kayki has the vids :)

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