Tuesday, December 22, 2009



Almost a year ago, famed rapper and Tiny's boo TIP started his sentence for gun related charges. Prior to going in, Tip made sure that he visited local youth organizations and made an effort to discourage the youth of today from following in his foot steps as far as the violence is concerned. While making his rounds a lot of people were concerned with whether the "King" would be able to come back on top.

Honestly to me it doesnt even feel like he went anywhere. The radio (at least here in Atlanta) continued to hold TIP down. Of course his love Tiny made sure she kept his name and rep up with her appearance on award shows and her constant tweeting about him (which is just adorable!). Well today on twitter a few members of Grand Hustle Tip's label just couldnt hold it in and tweeted that TIP had been released from the facility where he's been serving time.

It is my understanding that TIP will be staying in a Halfway House here in Atlanta, but Im happy for him non the less. Tip has a family that has really missed him during this time. Im glad he can be closer to them and 1 step closer to being home with them! The King is back! TNT BabyKayKs

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