Friday, December 18, 2009

*UPDATED*Wayne Arrested?

BabyKayks...About 15 minutes ago, President of Young Money and life long friend of Wayne Mack Maine tweeted the following..

Unbelievable!!!!! Is America really da land of da free?? Well y they thrive on takin away successful citizens freedom?? Especially of color?? Sh** gettin old

Now Im not exactly sure what he was referring to, maybe he just needed to get that off of his chest, but in the meantime, TMZ is reporting that Wayne has been arrested yet again today in Texas. According to TMZ he is being held in Texas -reasons unknown. I pray this is not true.

*Update* It is now being reported that no arrests have been made, but Wayne and 11 others are being "detained" due to officials finding MaryJ on two of his buses. No drugs were found on Wayne himself, just on the buses. I hope that this is just a stupid rumor. I am really really REALY rooting for Wayne, mainly because he has 4 beautiful children to raise, Wayne doesnt need anymore of this.
**UPDATE #2** According to Young Money's Mack Maine and Shanell everyone is ok and nobody is locked up! WHEW! I know right. Hopefully this is the last we will hear of this matter (fingers crossed) Also, BabyCarter herself chimed in on twitter for a minute (yes she has a supervised twitter account- yall know Toya dont play about her baby!). Her thoughts..
Policeman need to leave my daddy's ashame.I'm off tonight bye yall
Umm... Mr. Police man you hear that? Us daddy's girls DO NOT play when it comes around to the main men in our lives! Get it together or holler at Reginae is what she's saying :)

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