Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tell The Truth!

Mashonda's On the of Her, Swizz, and lil Man
Mashonda, Kaseem, Jr. , and Sr.

Since on twitter, one of the really cool people Ive had the opportunity to chat it up a bit with is singer/songwriter Mashonda (Swizz's estranged? wife). Anywho, Im not gonna go into detail about whats happening between these two and A. Keys, Im sure you already know. While she was on twitter(she recently deleted her page, like a day ago) she not only shed positive light but encouraged people all of the time, but of course the blogs wont tell you that part. They like to tell you about her moments of weakness that were very few.

Anywho I wanted you all to know that Mashonda has her hands in a lot right now! She has a line of intimates coming out soon. Look out for it! I hear as well that Mashonda might have a prospective boo thang! Also I want to commend both Mashonda and Swizz for coming together (even w/ the recent twitvo) for their son's about clean! OMG lil man is killing the game!!!!! Love it! LV'd out at 3.. TNT BabyKayKs
S/O NecoleB for the pics
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