Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stop the Hate:

Dear Chris Brown Haters,(GO BREEZY GO BREEZY GO!)

Ok BabyKayks, I have attempted to sit and write about this for some time, but as with my music, when Im really passionate about saying something and my emotions are all tied up in it- it doesnt come out right! So, I've put it off and put it off because I've been so moved/annoyed/appauled/ disgusted the shade that has been thrown at CBReezy since his incident with Rihanna. You all know the story so I wont go into it, but I will say that forgiveness is SO important in life. People have all but damned Chris Brown as if they are God Himself on judgement day. Ma'ams and Sirs you are not perfect, and you too have made some mistakes in life. Just because he hasnt burried himself alive or slit his wrist doesnt mean he is not apologetic and absolutely sorry for what he's done. GET OVER IT!

This news about stores not stocking his album, I ABSOLUTELY believe. People kicking him off of award shows..I ABSOLUTELY believe. Oprah's gripe with him (but she had her dear friend BeBe Winans on her show who was arrested for the same thing) was outrageous. I mean at some point the world needs to learn that its not even close to perfection. As a matter of a fact we are all only perfect at being human, which in itself is the BIGGEST imperfection there is. Anywho, Im gonna end lest I write a 55 page dissertation on why Breezy owes the haters nothing!!!!! This video I feel is wonderful because it shows the showman/talent that Chris Brown is. I appreciate him finally getting the opportunity to give MJ a tribute. I mean this dude is super tall, but he still moves so well (I dont know many great dancers of his stature). I pray that Browns career picks back up and that people start treating him better. If you think youre helping someone by not forgiving youre wrong. If you cant find it in yourself to forgive, you cant find it in yourself to be forgiven. TNT BabyKayKs xox

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