Monday, December 14, 2009

Stop The Hate:

Dear Rasheeda Hater(s)

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Ok, this section of my blog is for ALLLL of the haters in the world. Its just NOT necessary, and honestly in the end you always end up looking like a fool! This is The GA Peach Rasheeda giving her haters some facts so that they can hate accurately! I love it! I've always been fascinated by people who consume themselves SO much into someone's life (that they REALLY dont know AT ALL) enough to hate. I mean this takes time and energy people. For whomever to find Rasheeda on twitter,& Tweet her some nonesense is just foolish. My question is what has she ever done to you? From the looks of things Rasheeda is doing REALLY well for herself, but even if the hater was right-WHAT does it profit you to hate on her?

Anywho,I hadnt planned on posting videos or anything in this section, I was just gonna give my own opinion on why its foolish to go at this person or that person, BUT Rasheeda handled this one very well. I thought yall would enjoy how nicely she gives the facts....LOL SMH when will people learn?Please get a life, but if you want to talk about people- find the good to talk about, or AT LEAST find the truth! I must say that its funny that their group of friends have been the first two features in my "Stop The Hate" section- doesnt that say that they are doing SOMETHING and doing it right? LOL- I try to keep my blog "kid" friendly, but this video has a bit of grown people language in it :) Not for the kids...
* If you dont know who Rasheeda is, she was featured in the Music That Moves Me section a few weeks ago* TNT BabyKayKs

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