Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dream & Christina say Step Ya Wedding Gear UP!


So, I have been watching this relationship blossom before all of our eyes. I remember reading on MTO one day that Dream & Christina were spotted out and about, and of course people made assumptions as to why. I wont even repeat them b/c I thought they were just pure hateration and we dont do that here. How come a singer and a producer cant just fall in love? Anywho- I thought from the door that they were an adorable couple and complimented each other well. Soon reports started to surface that the two were expecting and then engaged. It seemed to have all happened rather quickly, though you can never really believe or rely on the media to be accurate with timing- even still love doesnt have to take time- it can just happen!

Photos of the wedding have finally been released and the above photo (I took from MTO- I really wanted yall to see it obviously, LOL).I must say- both Dream & Christina look absolutely wonderful. Dream has been catching slack for what he has on, but I think it is fly as heck! People who dont understand fashion, or have no vision past tradition cant understand it, but its making perfect sense to me. I think his outfit compliments his bride's very well, and Christina- well I wont say anything about her but FLAWLESS!!Whoever styled these two- kudos kudos kudos. I'd like to know who's idea these fits were! This picture is inspiration. Step your wedding gear up! I think their look is exceptional and classy (as much as I hate to use that word- its so fitting). Lets not forget the look of pure joy that just exudes from this picture.

I wish these two and their family the very best. Everytime I read his tweets about her, or see a new photo of them- it seems to be something real. God bless them!!
Dream's tweet about his outfit!

OfficialDream: "those are Tom Ford Riding boots so if they are stockings I paid 5k for them and I wore them because no one else have!"

In other words- also step ya shoe game up! LOL TNT BabyKayKs xo

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  1. Love love LOVE what the Dream is wearing!! People just don't understand fashion now'a'days. But you know what I've figured out sis, its not meant for people to understand!! As long as the wearer is comfortable w/ it, hey roll w/ it! I think what he has on is quite classic! Watch how many wear the same thing to their wedding! LOL!