Friday, December 11, 2009

Sins of Your Father?


I found this news very intriguing and relative to a lot of young people that I know. The world famous drug lord Pablo Escobar is no stranger to the ears of anybody these days. Some people lived in his time to witness his reign of terror, others are informed of it by some rapper's will to keep such a legacy alive( at least thats where I know him from). Let me update you all if you dont know just who he is.

Escobar is one of the most known names in the drug movement. He practically ran the world at one time. He is known for ordering many hits, and pushing drugs all over the world. Escobar was considered to be a man with no heart- a man who did whatever he felt necessary to do. He was the king of the cocaine age (80s) and respected because he was feared. Many of you have probably heard of the name "The Cartels", well he was the head of the organization who was responsible for the majority of the drug trade in the US from Colombia where he originated.

Though his wealth stemmed from violence and drugs- he was still noted to be one of the richest men alive by Forbes magazine and received lavish sponsorships from politicians and other organizations. He was untouchable. Two of his most famous hits were the assasinations of Rodrigo Lara Bonilla-Colombia's justice minister, and Luis Carlos Galan-a presidential candidate who waged openly a battle against drug cartels. In search of Escobar and his illuding abilities(due to having millions of dollars) many lives were taken. Finally in 93 I believe he was gunned down on his rooftop by authorities.

Why am I writing about this now? Well, I have learned that his son, Sebastian Marroquin (he changed his name) has set out on a road to be forgiven by the families of his father's victims. Now at first glance I was like, why is this relevant to him? He did nothing wrong, but the more I thought about it- the more sense it made. I began to look around my life and see how many people's emotional, physical, spiritual well being are wrapped up in the legacy left for them.

Its important that parents not make life any harder for their children than it will already be- because it is life. We are all human and do things that we are not proud of, but I honestly feel that at some point when you become a parent- it should turn from "what I want" to "whats best for my child". Escobar's son is not the person responsible for his violence, but he is his seed, and therefore will forever be attributed to such a violent man. You can see this trend in many peoples lives. Consider generational curses, or people who's parents are homeless, or addicts on the street- those children are often living in their parents shadows.

The flip side of this is that a good name- or a good legacy can do just the same. I know that (as much as I hated it growing up) when I go home, there are very few people I cant say "McSwain" to w/out them getting all excited, "I love your parents" or "your mom did this or your dad that". It is their name that they've passed down to me- and luckily its a good one, but maybe yours isnt. If you find yourself in Sebasatian's shoes, here are Kaykis recommendations:

1. Forgive your parents. No matter what they have done- it is never healthy, or beneficial to carry the burden of unforgiveness on your shoulders. Not forgiving them will hurt you more than them. You will learn in life that forgiveness is due every man w/out reason- trust is something they have to earn. It does take time- dont rush forgiveness!**when you find it impossible to forgive- you find it impossible to be forgiven**

2. Release yourself from their failures. This is so important. People will make mistakes and because you are connected with that person, its easy for you and others to place that cloud above your head as if you actually committed the crimes/sins that they committed. Rebuke that feeling from your life. You are their child, not necessarily their protege. What they have done is not your fault- you have the opportunity to make good on the name by making better choices- dont blow it.

3. Dont run from who you are. I have met so many people with "good & bad" names who try so hard not to be who they are. For example I hated being known as a McSwain growing up- not because I was in any way ashamed, but because I wanted to be considered Kanisha first. I had to learn that I am Frank & Bettye's daughter -period. You must learn to accept who your parents are/what your past is. Thats the only way to know where you're going. Sebastian for example changed his name and hid out for some years but it didnt change the fact that he is Escobar's son.

4. Dont prepetuate the cycle. I think this is the most important one. I have never/will never understand how people can suffer tremendously from the pains and failures of their parents, and then turn around and place those same pains into the laps of their children. DONT DO THAT! I dont get it. I know what the saying is, but I wish it were "hurt people heal people"- that makes more sense.

So while Sebastian is on this road to be forgiven for what his father has done, Im sure he will face rejection. BabyKayKs you cant control how people perceive you- just make sure that your motives in life are pure- and let God handle the rest.

TNT BabyKayKs

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