Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pay to Creep!

Photobucket is one of many news media outlets talking about the little known fact that in some states, a participant in an affair can be sued by the spouse being cheated on! Yes BabyKayKs it is true! My hometown of IL being one of those states. Dont get it? Let me sum it up! If a wife is cheated on by her husband...she can sue the woman he cheated with. Yes! LOL its called an "alienation of affection" suit. Already allowed in 7 states including Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota and Utah!

At first glance or hearing, one might think that is ridiculous, but consider this; you can sue someone for defamation of character, or pain and suffering. Which are both used in defense of hurting someone emotionally right? So, consider the pain a spouse goes through when their husband or wife has an affair. Now, those people can sue the person who is interfering w/ their marriage. Personally, Im a big believer in handling your relationship issues. Im the first to tell you, dont go after the person your spouse is cheating w/ they are not in a relationship with you and therefore are not obligated to you in any way.

It is important that you deal with the spouse who is meant to be faithful and respectful of the ramifications of your relationship in order for it to be effective. Women especially spend so much time calling other women up, going by their jobs, starting fights or whatever when the truth is- if he's not cheating with her, he'll cheat with someone else if he is a cheater. I've never understood how women get so mad at the other woman, but stay with the man. How they blame the other woman and talk so ill about her, but stay with the man. THAT BabyKayKs is FOOLERY at its best.

Now, these women who feel like their husbands lovers (and vice versa) are responsible for keeping their spouses faithful can take them to court and get paid. In other words in those states, if you're gonna be cheated on, you'd want your spouse to cheat with someone who is PAID! LoL... Im just trying to make something light out of this. Its absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. I mean, it makes sense, but its not a solution to the problem. KayKi is about solutions, not bandaging wounds. Suing the person your spouse is cheating with fixes what? It might make you feel better to reciprocate some pain, but that "better" never lasts long.

Im gonna have to hear from some of my "lawyer/law school friends" about this subject, so that I can better understand this law. What if the other person didnt know the guy was married? Can they still be sued? Its such a gray topic, I need more understanding before I make any more assumptions. What I will say is I hope and pray that non of Tiger's mistresses carried on an affair with him in any of the forementioned states...because they could soon lose all of the money they are now being paid to rat him out- Im just sayin. TNT BabyKayKs xo

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