Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ms. Toya Carter Can Get Your Look Right!


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Toya Carter, the reality show mega star is venturing off into other areas..and doing her thing while at it. Toya is the ex-wife of Rap Icon Lil Wayne, the two share a beautiful daughter (Reginae "Baby Carter" of the OMG Girlz) together. She is also 1/2 of the history making BET reality show Tiny & Toya. I have mentioned her in other blogs concerning Wayne and haters.. but I wanted to take a moment and tell you something about her that you may not know.

First off, let me say that anytime her name is brought up in convo or online, people always have to associate her with Wayne or whatever..and I know because he's a mega star that is a great point of identification, but I'd beg to differ with people who think that thats Toya's whole life. Nope! lol. Toya is doing her right now. And while its great for people to know that she is Wayne's ex-wife(not just babymama) I think its even more important that people know she's making a name for herself.

Amongst other endeavors I recently found out that Ms. Toya is now a stylist! Yes I know everytime you see her she's cute and fly (the pic!! THE VEST! lol), but I mean she is getting that paper to style other people. How did KayKi find this out? Twitter of course! DJ Diamond Kutz tweeted that she'd had a photo shoot (w/ Memphitz Toya's rumored boo:) ) and that Toya had her looking fly. So I asked Toya via twitter if she was styling now, and she replied that she is!!! Yes, Toya has ventured into styling. Im excited! I love her sense of style and I believe she has what it takes to really get people right! Look out for people walking around in Toya's looks!

So kudos to my girl Toya- she's a Boss Chick for real! (Should I blog about them? lol). I absolutely love her heart for people and her drive to be a great mother, its evident at all times! Also, she doesnt play about her baby! So she knows how to bring her own personal emotions/feelings under subjection for the sake of her child, which is gonna be a necessary trait when dealing with multiple babymamas (shout out to Wayne yall already know how I feel about this dude as a dad- KUDOS! Check the archive for that blog). Im excited about 2010 for Toya. Something tells me this is gonna be a big year for her both business wise and personally.

BabyKayKs take Toya as an example of how to take the hand life deals you and make it work for you. With the show, various charity endeavors, stepping into the fashion world, and Lord knows what else Toya is not only changing her life, but the lives of young women all around the country who find some sense of identification with her. Now call me silly but consider everything this chick has touched (Wayne, BET Tiny & Toya Show) lol.... whatever/whoever she touches BLOWS UP! lol so Im sure this venture will be no different! TNT BabyKayKs xoxo

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  1. Absolutely LOVE her!! She is definetly a trendsetter and a sweetheart. Thnx for keeping us updated as always...