Friday, December 18, 2009


Hey BabyKayKs,

If you havent noticed the site has been doing some strange things! Its because it is officially about to be KAYKISPEAKS.COM! Yes! Cool right?! Well if we didnt have all of these errors due to the transition it might be. Anywho, I'll keep you all posted as to when the "big change" will be official. The site has been acting way up since the name was registered, so just be patient. You can not access the site from that address at the moment it will take a few days. Until then, continue to use Once the change is made you will be forwarded to automatically so dont worry about trying to still access it once the change happens. Im sure a new layout will be coming (we'll try to stick with the new one for a while). Again as always thank you thank you thank you for showing my blog so much love in such a short time. TNT BabyKayks xoxo


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