Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monica Showing Twitter Love for Attention? SMH

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NO! Before you JUMP to conclusions that SMH is not to Monica, its probably to you! Or whoever else feels that the title of this blogs answer is yes. BabyKayKs the beautiful and talented Monica is one of the "celebs" that I follow on twitter. I'd written a song that I thought would be great for her so I started following her in an effort to keep up with her recording process and such (didnt help :)) but found out that she is an absolute pleasure to hear from daily via twitter. Monica is very very inspirational, encouraging, and uplifting on twitter. Not just to her fans, but I often see her spreading love to her peers as well.

That is commendable in a society where everyone is labeled competitors and haters. Monica, who is in my opinion a vet in the game continues to reach out to the younger, and not so much younger artists/celebs with words of wisdom, advice, and comfort. Even in the times when she is facing life's blows such as her babies both being sick at the same time, or just being tired from her hectic schedule, she still manages to tweet positivity to everyone. This is nothing new, I promise you. Today for some reason its being highlighted by a lot of my tweeties, some of which feel like its a cry for's my opinion if I may give it on my blog..

If you ask anybody who hasnt been under a rock since the mid 90s to name the female artists of OUR generation, I am confident Monica's name will come up. Trust me, Monica is WELL known, WELL loved, and WELL respected by many, she has no need (especially not now with a hit show on BET) to make any calls for attention, and if she wanted to Im sure twitter would not be her first choice and avenue. To think that people cant just be nice is beyond me. I feel for Monica so much in this situation because I am known to never hold my tongue. If I feel that someone is horrible at something or needs some work- Im the first to open my mouth, but I am THE SAME WAY when people are great at something or need to be acknowledged. There is nothing "attention seeking" about it, if you appreciate, love, like someone there is nothing wrong with telling them that.

Also why wouldnt Monica, a lover a music, a mother, a singer, a writer express to these people her words of encouragement? She'd want the industry to prosper, is a nurterer, and good with words obviously, lol. I talked about Monica in my first Stop the Hate entry w/ Tiny and Toya..come on guys/girls love yourselves already- then hating other people will be impossible! Im just saying BabyKayKs is it necessary for people to constantly pick a part everyone's intentions? When you find yourself not even being able to see the good in the good, you're looking through bad lenses. Shout out to Monica...continue to do what you do, I love ya for it and so do the love filled people who follow you on twitter. You and your children's lives will forever be blessed because of the seeds of faith, love, and encouragement that you plant in people's lives daily. Blessings...and umm..who can I send this track to?? LOL TNT BabyKayKs xox

*SN I know none of MY BabyKayKs hate like this- when I say you..Im just speaking out of frustration through my fingers :) LOL

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