Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Leaders Need Not Apply


So, I posed this question on twitter a while back, when discussing the way in which politics are ran these days. The more I considered how many politicians are faces but not brains behind offices, I began to realize this trend in all areas of my life. I meant to then post this question on here to see what my BabyKayKs think. Consider the leaders you know, they may be political, religious, family matriarchs, or on your job. My question is;

How many times are leaders placed in position for other skills/qualities save the skill/quality to lead?

Think about it. What say you?

**Clarity for Niece and others- I know a lot of leaders who are: talented, passionate, maybe attractive, but these attributes dont make you a leader. We put these people in place to lead b/c of these attributes and not because they actually have a leadership quality. Which means they understand how to step forward and do what needs to be done for the betterment of everyone they lead. Get it?


  1. Ok sis..I been reading this for the past few days, trying to understand it better so I can answer..but I need some clarity, lol! Help me better understand..?? :)

  2. Thanks for the clarification sis.!! However, I have a follow-up question from your clarification, how would one know how to lead w/o the leadership qualities if they were put in that position because of their appearance and popularity attributes? Honestly, I think a leader should be one that is a role model, so being talented &passionate and maybe attractive (altho a leader doesnt have to be), lol, should be included attributes of a leader. Because I think a leader is someone who people look up to, therefore they should have the skill and love for what they are leading people in. If you arent passionate and talented, how can you convince someone else to feel that way about the organization, team, group, whatever is being led! Now, these are important, HOWEVER! one canNOT be a leader with just talent and passion alone. A leader should be one who knows how to communicate well with all types of people and personalities. A leader should be one that is HUMBLE, but knows when to be forceful and have control. A leader should know how to remain calm under pressure. & these are just some qualities I believe a leader should carry. But they all; attributes and leadership qualities should all work together! I hope I made sense & answered the question. :)

  3. Great point Niece, but mine still stands. All of those other attributes- that of being attractive or passionate can also be attributed to a follower. There is something that should set the leader a part from the others and that should be their innate ability to command/move people. The other characteristics are merely complimentary adjectives...meaning they make it (unfortunately) easier to be placed in the position, but when it comes down to it- a leader needs to be able to make certain decisions, carry a certain vision, and be bold enough to do whats necessary when the time is right-period. Being cute & passionate can only take a leader so far.