Monday, December 7, 2009

Kandi, Toya, Rasheeda, and Diamond host the first Tweet & Meet


Kayki & the girls (Rasheeeda, Kandi, Toya, Diamond)
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Hey BabyKayks, I feel like its been forever. So, Kandi has been talking about doing a tweet& meet event just to get an opportunity to meet her fans for some time. Well, she made good on her word by having the first official "Tweet&Meet" for her fans on Sunday Dec. 6, 2009 out in Lawrenceville. Kandi from the beginning included her girls Toya Carter, Rasheeda, & Diamond calling for an even larger turn out! I must say up until the very last minute of getting ready I debated on going. I was really hyped about the event at first- but Sunday came quick and I had soo much work to do! BUT, I went anyway for the sake of my BabyKayks- see how much I love yall?? :)

Im glad I went though. The line was long-super long and I got there on time! The ladies had been reporting a huge turnout, but I didnt expect people to arrive early. Once I arrived I noticed that the way in which they were doing it was not what I expected. I expected a huge room with maybe an area roped off where the ladies would be taking groups of the rsvp'd individuals in at a time for photos and convo. What it ended up being was a long line of people waiting to take one picture with the ladies. Another surprise was the fact that you had to pay for the picture itself!LOL I was like WHAT? I felt as though someone should have informed us non cash carrying folk of that prior to, but they said the money was going towards charity so I said what the heck.

Unfortunately I wasnt able to take any nice pics of the ladies for you all because with the way it was set up that was virtually impossible, but I did manage to get a couple with some other guests. The event was packed with producers and friends of the ladies' including mega producers DonVito ("Tardy for the Party", group Cherish amongst other accomplishments..He is HILARIOUS BabyKayks..good dude)& Wyldcard (well just google him)to name a couple. Also a good friend of mine Jamal, who is an INCREDIBLE artist!! Ill have some more info on him in future blogs- amazing guy.

I also met some really cool people there from atlanta and out of state. The ladies behind me in line were from Birmingham & others from out of the country! Though the line was long Kandi and the ladies remaind joyful and often took a moment away from the cameras to walk through the line to say hi and mingle for a moment with the fans standing and waiting. I must say, that the ladies were so sweet. I dont know how they managed to be so nice and smiling up until the very end, but from what I hear they were. They all were just very cool, and down to earth. I wasnt surprised at how sweet they were you can tell the "celebs" from the real people who happen to be known by a lot of people.

I arrived at 230 and didnt leave till after 5. I had a meeting with my boy Victor at 5 and had to hit him to let him know that my BabyKayKs would like to see pics from this event so I would be late. He was ok once he realized I was at Kandi's event. Once I got up to the ladies to take a picture Kandi recognized me from Victor's last show which she hosted at uptown. I wasnt blogging then, so I have no pictures, but I will be singing w/her on the 20th so Ill be sure to update you all.

Kandi, Toya, Diamond, and Rasheeda really were a lot of fun to watch interact. You could tell that they are all really good friends and that the love is real. So, for what its worth I have a few pics for you all. Maybe the next tweet & meet will be in your city. If you were there let me know what you thought! TNT BabyKayks

Singer/Songwriter Jamal and Kayki

Super Producer Don Vito & Kayki (sorry poor quality...I sure look thick in these pics, LOL)

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