Monday, December 14, 2009

..Dont Be Fooled, Prayer Still Works!

BabyKayks, I understand that all of my readers dont believe in Christ or some of you may not consider yourself "religious", but when I saw this video I HAD to post in on my blog. As some of you may know I am a Pastors/Preachers kid (disregard any stereotypes you've ever heard- no stereotype is true)and I have been blessed to have grown up in the church under my fathers teaching. I talk a lot about my parents because they are the most amazing people I have ever met. I learned about God & belief from them in my home more than I ever have learned in a church.

I saw God work through my parents in many ways growing up. I have been blessed to witness them speak things that were not- and they became. They have spoken life & death about people/to people and those things came to be. Now so that I dont lose some of you who arent familiar with what Im saying- my mother has said "so in so is about to have a baby" or "next year this time she'll have a baby" & Sure enough those people were w/ child in that time. She's said "next year this time someone in our family wont be with us"- and sure enough someone passed away almost in exactly a years time. This might spook some of you out- but to me it only validated that I believed in a God that really exists who still speaks to his people & works miracles.

Leaving my hometown I came to Atlanta and joined my present church family Greater Travelers Rest and have seen God's power move through people's lives here as well. I have watched God change lives, heal people, and in my own life work things out that I just knew were impossible.Two of my favorite things to say are , "dont be fooled, prayer still works", and "Miracles still happen!" I dont say these things because they sound good. I say them because I have witnessed them. I have witnessed someone's terminally ill doctors report turn all the way around more than once after the believers came together in prayer! I have gone to pay a bill (tuition that I DIDNT have) and it was taken care of already AFTER I prayed about it and decided to let God take care of me as He promised!

**And, many people seem to think that God has to do something DRASTIC and mindblowing in order for it to be a miracle. I always say.... every isolated heart beat is one- you research why it keeps beating and tell me its not amazing (but we rarely ever consider events as that a miracle)**

Well I'd like those of you who need a little more proof- a little more wow factor to watch the video below. It moved me to tears at work just now, because I have witnessed God do this so many times, He is AWESOME!! Now, growing up in church I want to warn you that these people are praisers!!! You have different churches that worship/praise in different ways- some are more radical than others, but as long as Jesus Christ is the center of their worship- I dont care how they express it. Some of you might be like, WHAT is she saying!?!?! WHY is she screaming?!?!?! WHY are they clapping, running, jumping, shouting?!?!?!? My answer- get to know Jesus in your own way..and you may at some point on life's journey find yourself doing the same things. Be blessed BabyKayKs and if you have any questions/comments that you dont feel comfy posting remember you can always email me. God still works miracles. Merry Christmas! God is GOOD! TNT BabyKayKs

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