Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ask KayKi!

"Who is this Shanell chick & Why is she w/ My Boo?" LOL!
Shanell (dope pic right?)Click it to follow her on Twitter!

Kayki!! Hey girl! I love your blog I have two questions. My first is what happened to the follow button you used to have? I wanted to become an official follower but I think the link to it is disabled? My second question is kind of random but maybe you can help. I am a huge Lil Wayne fan and I really like the love you show him on your blog even though you say you are just becoming a fan. That is my boo! I read on and that he was dating a girl named Shanell who is a part of young money. I have seen her around, but do you have any real info on her? Like who is this chic? Whoever she is she needs to know that my man is off limits! lolIm just kidding, but I hope you can shed some light. Im sure you willm, you always do. Lots of love, Kaeri

Dear BabyKayk,

First, let me say that I think this is sooo cute! I had a lil celeb crush growing up, Im not sure how old you are, but I think its adorable! So for the sake of me walking down memory lane, we'll go ahead and refer to Mr. Carter as "your boo" for this blog, ok? lol..

About your first question. The link to "follow" the blog has been disabled on purpose. Im trying to find ways to make it more pleasing to the eye so please bear with me. Im sure you've noticed the adds as well. They are not very cute, but you all should click on them every once in a while, lol. The layout will probably keep changing in small ways until Im comfortable with it visually. As for the follow button, I may bring it back if I find a better way to place it. In the meantime, continue to check back to for all updates and such- no matter what changes in the layout- I'll still be blogging for my readers like you! Thank you SO much for the love!!!!!!! muah!

Ok on to Ms. Shanell..well I dont know A LOT about her. You all know I go to extremes to provide info for my BabyKayKs. I know we have a mutual friend, my pal Victor whom I sing background for knows her personally. I started to hit him up like can you give me any info on Shanell!? lol...but I'll just share what I do know- I hope its enough ;)From what I know of her seems like a more fitting question is, Who ISNT this chic?! LOL..

Shanell is a singer/songwriter/professional dancer from Atlanta GA. And take it from Kayki a pretty decent singer/songwriter myself..I know talent..and she's definitely talented. Sometimes when women come on the scene under a guy we get shade thrown our way as if our sex appeal is all we have. I'll vouch for her- she is very talented. From what I've pieced together from various sources she met your boo while on tour -she was a dancer for someone else's set. She told him that she was an artist and he took her up on hearing her out. I guess he really dug her music because she is now a member of YM-which you know. Now for somethings you may not know about her:

A. Shanell is responsible for some of your boo's success, LOL. She introduced the "Milli" beat to Wayne, wrote "Prom Queen" (which she is featured on, both in the video and on the record- you know the girl on stage who kisses your boo at the end? LOL..thats Shanell). Im sure her influence is all over other YM songs as well that I am unaware of. If you ask me she may be responsible for this whole RocknRoll image change up Wayne has gone through..she's a pretty rockin type of chic.

B. Shanell is the real older sister of DWoods(formally of Danity Kane). I didnt know this until I started following her on twitter a while ago..if you look at some pictures you can see a resemblance.

C. Shanell is a member of "The Girl's Club" which from my understanding is just a group of talented women who put it down in their endeavors. They are writers/singers/performers.

D. Shanell is working on a project, but is focusing currently on promoting the new YM record, "We Are Young Money" which Im sure you have right??? lol. I am not absolutely sure that her own project is near completion...but she often tweets about being in the studio, so maybe. Consider though that she is a dope writer, so she may be working on other peoples projects while in the studio. I'll be sure to keep you updated on her since I know at least one of my BabyKayKs is interested :)

E. Shanell is really a cool chic! I know you wanna fight her and all because they say she's with your boo, but let me say this. I follow quite a few celebs on twitter...and she is one of a few that take the time to reply to their followers. What surprised me about Shanell is the first time I ever tweeted about her, she sent me a dm(private message) thanking me for checking her out, which I thought was such a star move. She didnt do it for everyone to see, not for show or anything, but just a sincere thanks. When I hit her on twitter today to tell her about your question and that I was gonna put you on..she replied, "yes girl, let um know mama!!" -so she's real cool. Also according to people who know her personally and the plethra of youtube videos I watched to have something to tell you LOL...she's really a sweet/cool/talented person- everyone seems to love her..not just your boo.

Now as far as your boo being her boo... you know Kayki likes to stay away from rumors..there are other blogs that hold that down, BUT.. I cant say that I havent noticed (and I may have even commented on it in a previous blog about Wayne) how affectionate he is with her. That may just be a great friendship and she may just be someone he really adores as a friend...doesnt mean they're together. One of my best friends is a guy and people SWEAR we are more than friends..and we honestly arent. We are just really affectionate, so I'll stay away from saying that about your boo and Shanell. I will say if you're on twitter..hit her up or visit her page and ask her. :) You just might get an answer...

Well I hope this helps. You can youtube her, there are quite a few videos on her that may give you more info than I did, and anybody else with info please feel free to comment or message me as always. Also check out her website for more info. On youtube she has personal videos, a joint called "Play in My Band" (I dig it-it rocks out!), amongst other features with your boo. ;) So s/o to Shanell for the buzz. Im sure this year will be a crazy successful one for her. I wish her much success and many blessings. She's adding an edge to urban music that we really dont have..gotta love it.

PS. If Shanell is working on an album..somebody tell her Kayki's pen is crazy..I think we'd create a monster together..what do yall think BKs?


  1. Thanks for posting this!You did an awesome job! Posting to as we speak! :)

  2. Yay! I was hoping I was accurate :) Thanks!