Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ask KayKi! (Hey Who in the WORLD are you?!?) LOL


Yay..I so love this section! Our next Ask KayKi was honestly a surprise to me. When I started this section I figured people would be writing me about relationship/ love/ friend advice, but the first two have been about the blog and now me! This BabyKayK didnt sign off with a name, so Im just going to leave them anonymous for now. Here we go..
Hi, I read your blog everyday. Thank you for being positive and funny! I noticed that on your pictures in the ask kayky section you have photos with lalah hathaway. My question is , are you related to her, what else do you do besides blog, and is kayky your real name? God bless u.

Well! First off, thanks so much for reading my blog everyday!? That means more than you'll know to me. I really really appreciate it! Ok, the truth is Kayki is not my real name, it is a combination of my first and middle names :)So there is your answer for that. Yes that is Lalah Hathaway in the photo with me. No I am not related to her, though if you see a resemblance in that pic you are not the first to say so :) I went to her show here in Atl and got to meet her and her beautiful mother who is the lady Im hugging in one of the pics.

Besides blogging I am a singer/songwriter Spelman graduate c/o 08' who also has a regular desk job :) I have sang behind a lot of great people/toured both nationally and internationally and right now focusing on my writing- hopefully a few placements (songs on people's albums) to come in 2010. I spend most of my time in somebody's studio, so I absolutely love music. I am just a regular chick with God's mercy and grace abounding in my life. Thats it. Im blessed to be able to do the things I love: write, sing, share my thoughts with people and hopefully make a difference in the process.TNT BabyKayk anymore questions just ask :)

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