Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What They Said!

Ok, 1 more addition to the blog. This section will feature another person's words/blog and my opinion/response. The first spot goes to a friend of mine who practices law in Chicago and writes an article for Chicago Lawyer Magazine online. I loved this article and wanted to share my opinion.. Click the title (What They Said!) to be directed to the actual article..

--What Kayki Thinks
I just read an article by a dear friend of mine that sparked my interest! It might just be my fave by him thus far! His article which can be seen at the above link focuses on the law here in America and how it relates to immigrants and people from other cultures!

Ive had a similar conversation with my room mate about the law regarding sexual offenders. She'd had a very interesting conversation with her dad about it and brought it to my attention. The idea was that an 18 yr old high schooler dating a 16 yr old high schooler could easily be incriminated for something that was consensual on both parts - as the case of Darrion Albert here in GA so clearly outlines. I think that the issue with abiding by the law stems from a lot of people's misunderstanding of the law itself and as crime as an offense against the law itself, not necessarily an individual. Its the only way I can find any sense of understanding as a law abiding citizen, lol.

Growing up, my mom would flip out if I left the iron or curlers plugged up. Now technically if I am curling my hair and I need to run down to get something really quickly and come right back, there is nothing wrong per se with doing that. I am not intentionally hurting anybody. Yes I might use up a little more energy, but whats the actual crime? Well, my parents figured early on that they couldnt leave any loop holes for injury to occur to anyone in our home.

There was no harm in me leaving my curlers plugged- that is until my baby brother walks in and yanks them down onto his head..possibly burning himself! So the rule stood as a way to make sure everyone was protected. When I accidentally left them on, or didnt think about it- I got fussed out. When I left them on and nobody was hurt- I still got fussed out. The rule stood as a proactive measure & the consequence a direct result of offending the rule itself- whether or not anyone was hurt.

So is how I interpret law. Though the sex was consensual the 17 yr old offended the "law" by having sex w/ a 16 yr. old. A law that is necessary to have due to all of the predators preying on children everyday not just in this country, but around the world. If the law is amended where is the protection for them? It is the risk taken. Its important that we know the laws and then govern/protect ourselves from the consequences of the offending the law.

For some it might be as simple as waiting a year to date someone-well worth the wait. You might say, well what if the victim says it was consensual?.... That cant slide either. There is so much fear and such a stigma attached to sexual offenses that many victims recant their stories, or lie just to escape such embarrassment, thereby leaving the guilty uncharged. So the law must stand as it is and we must then abide by the law, which brings me to my next point and my stance on Kwabena's article.

My mom also hated to see dishes in the sink! They were there because whomever was meant to wash them didnt, but she absolutely hated to see them either way. Personally I didnt see anything wrong with a spoon sitting in the sink for a couple of minutes, but my mom does/did! It irritated me to no end to hear her going off about dishes left in the sink, but there wasnt much I could do about it as I was living in her house. Now that I live in my own house, if I wish to say, "Ill load the dishwasher before I go to bed" thats my choice. As in my house I can abide by my own rules-I feel the same way about immigrants.

It is vitally important that if they choose to come here, that they understand and abide by the laws here just as Americans do. Kissing your child's genitalia might be acceptable and even welcomed in Cambodia as leaving dishes in the sink for a bit is allowed in my house, but as I had to adjust when living in my parents home to their rules...so must the Cambodian woman in America. For the offense again in my opinion is not necessarily "wrong" in the Cambodian lady's mind, or mine- but by all means it is contrary to the laws governing our place of residency. Laws meant to protect the well being of what is considered right/wrong in America. Due to the fact that America is a melting pot, full of many different cultures, it is easy to dismiss the fact that in and of itself it is a country - with its own laws and rules to follow. Those laws have to be learned and understood by everyone walking on American soil.

As much as I clearly see lots of room for error with our judicial system because of these types of law, I also understand why they have to be as such. When I go to Cambodia, if I have to cover my face, then I must first be aware of that & cover my face. Now if I am unaware of such a law that is unfortunate, but again I feel it is totally up to me to educate myself on what is acceptable in my current situation. If Im going to England to meet the Queen, I should know what practices are demanded, acceptable, and respectable while in the presence of the Queen. It is my responsibility to learn such things- not the Queen's responsibility to bend years of tradition/law on behalf of my ignorance to spare me my consequence.

So, I hope this makes sense to you all, I really really liked this article if you cant tell! Its a great debate topic as well. As much as the law can be annoying, I just try to remember that when I commit a crime I offend the law itself. If it says I cant go on the red light, as much as I hate waiting when no cars are present, I must wait because that is the law of the land. Whether or not I hit someone- my offense is against the law if I choose to run the light.Whether or not Im aware or even used to such a law is too much for the law to consider if it is to be effective.

Consider the way in which laws keep order in the land as well-which is why we cant always consider the way in which other cultures/ countries live as their way might not be conducive to how we live here in America. Im not gonna go on and on about that, but its another relevant point! Anywho Im done- just loved that read...great article as always Kwabena! TNT Baby Kayks

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