Friday, November 13, 2009

What Only God Can Do

When I was in the third grade I believe, I was fortunate as lots of kids are to watch the process of metamorphisis occur. We got to pick a caterpillar out of a box, name it and place it in our own little containers. We watched the catepillars eat and shed, eat and shed, then finally pupatate (shedding its skin for the last time). We had learned about this prior to observing it but it was still absolutely amazing. We saw a caterpillar turn into a pupa, then a chrysalis, and finally it emerged as a monarch butterfly.

I have always been into animals, bugs, all things of that nature. I used to chase my big sister around with worms growing up. I just had a love and inquisitiveness for God's creation-still do. So the process of watching the butterfly birthed was AMAZING to me! That part of my personality was complemented well with that lesson, but with my inquisition came my impatience. Boy I remember everyday running into class hoping and praying that my caterpillar had turned into a butterfly and everyday for a while I was disappointed.

Once the process actually happened I remember being in awe..and searching around in my little case for the caterpillar I picked out of the box- it was no where to be found. Though I had seen it happen for a few of my classmates and I was watching this beautiful butterfly flutter around in my case, I still just wouldnt believe it had happened for me! So whats the lesson of this blog? lol

The caterpillar/butterfly lesson taught me so much about life!
1.When we got them they werent much fun to look at, and they couldnt get very far very fast. They were just caterpillars.

-Some of us are the same way. We dont really look like much to others and it might seem as though we arent getting anywhere while everybody around us is prospering...DONT BE FOOLED BY THE APPEARANCE - "There is nothing about a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly." -Buckminster Fuller.

2. Its cacoon or chrysalis was hard and usually placed under a leaf or stem

- The process of becoming all that we are meant to be may have to take place in a dark lonely place. Its OK! This is God's natural way of birthing things into existance.. He had to call even the light out of darkness, the womb of a woman isnt open for all to see. Its in the quiet most void of times that God produces His most astonishing work- let it happen.

3. It took a while before the butterfly came out

- UGH! this is where Im stooped. I absolutely had very little patience to wait on that process to take place. It seemed like it took forever!!!!!!!! God doesnt do things over night all of the time.. Again, creation in 6 days, babies in 10 may have to wait, but its worth it.

4. The outcome was so beautiful I could hardly believe

- When God finishes refining wont look like all you've been through to get there! Furthermore, stop walking around in doubt with all of the signs and wonders He's worked around you!

Well I have to leave now, but I hope this blog blesses you all. If you've never seen the process before take a peek at the below video- make sure you watch the whole thing. TNT BabyKayKs :)

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