Friday, November 6, 2009

Nicki Minaj the Greatest chic in the Game!?

 About a month and some change ago, I was sitting at work- BORED-and while looking online for something to do, I kept coming up on the caption, "Nicki Minaj signs to Young Money". Now if you know me well you know I have a love for people who have a way with words; poets, authors, songwriters/rappers..I LOVE a metaphor!  With that said, I know who heads Young Money. I know the caliber of a rapper that Wayne is. So when I read that he had signed a female rapper to his label, I absolutely had to check her out.

The first thing I noticed when I youtubed her was her appearance. Most of the pics were a little sexual, but most are these days. My first opinion was ok, she's cute, she'll sell but can she rap? I watched a video called "autobiography" hoping that it would kill two birds with one stone- give me an idea of who she is AND if she's worth paying any attention to as a rapper. The song definitely gave me an idea of her upbringing, and how she's come through hell and high water to get to where she is now. It wasnt crazy lyrically, but it was enough to encourage me to watch another video.
This video was entitled "Go Hard" and at first I noticed someone singing and thought it was a hot lil track, but when she came in with her verse I was sucked into the song. Her animation, her intentional delivery of every word was refreshing! I played if back a couple of times to catch a few of the lyrics and metaphors, and I slowly started to realize from that one joint that Nicki Minaj was nobody to mess with on the mic. Save the pretty face- I realized in that moment that the Barbie could really spit. I practically spent a couple of hours watching interviews/ other songs, "Itty Bitty Piggy", "I Get Crazy", and a couple of others and I became a fan..instantly.  Now, some of the lyrics were a bit on the sexual side, but as I watched one of her interviews I realized that this chic is more than another woman selling sex. She had a plan, a method to the madness, and I cant hate her for that.
That night I began to start my Nicki Minaj collection. I was never into Fox, Kim, or any other female rapper. Not to say they arent great, but they never caught my ear to the point that I considered myself a fan, so this was a first. I began to have a respect for her word use, metaphors as I do JayZ or Wayne- which is BIG! She stressed in interviews how she writes her own rhymes which I definitely respect and admire. I also noticed right off top her ability to brand herself. This chic is smart, or somebody around her is. She understands that the industry is in a rut right now, and in order to be successful you have to be more than a rapper/singer. You have to develop a fan base, you have to be so likable that your base seeks to buy your records and support you. Nicki has branded herself to the ninth power! She is the Harajuku Barbie and her fans consider themselves Barbies/Kens in her footsteps. Trust-its a whole other world! LOL
It seemed to me as if I caught wind just in time. Soon after I heard her the first time, her popularity and recognition began to swell to crazy heights. Seemingly everybody I knew was in love with Nicki! Girls and guys both. What was even greater was that the guys though they think she's incredibly attractive give her major kudos for her flow as well. As I downloaded song after song, and then got my hands on a mixtape or two, I realized why. The WOMAN can RAP! Its not a game, she is a rapper..period. She is in fact the best female rapper of our time in my opinion. I found myself listening to her and thinking- where does she get this stuff from!? She pulls metaphors and liners out like its nothing. Its like, one after the other. Now, if Im honest at first I didnt get a lot of the stuff she said, and I realized it was because I was new to Nicki. She and her fans (Barbies) have this secret language (Which you can find on in the nictionary). Once I began to listen to more songs and watch more interviews everything sort of started to tie in together - the complete concept of who Nicki Minaj really is.
Nicki is an artist. From her appearance, her voice, her wordchoice it all is positive reinforcement to get the fan back to Nicki as an artist. Following her on twitter (@nickiminaj) is an experience in itself. She always has something new to introduce to her fans (Barbies) and now that I've been a fan for a bit, its great to not be out of the loop when she says something! In the past couple of weeks, she's been everywhere!! I noticed that BET listed her name in the commercial for the BET awards along with the greats like Jay Z and Luda...because she has that type of pull right now. I wasnt able to watch the awards when it first aired, but my twitter page was absolutely flooded with comments about her killing the cypher. Now, mind you I'd been tweeting about her for a while, so in that moment I just tweeted a big.. I told you so!
Dont get me wrong Im not endorsing the HB as the greatest female rapper of ALL time as if I am that knowledgeable of female rappers, but I am saying she's the greatest I've ever heard. Her rhymes are not for everybody though. She says a lot of things regarding sex and drug use that I dont at all agree with! But as with any artist/art you sort of have to take the good with the bad..what you dont understand with what you do. I dont want my 13 yr old lil sisters listening to Nicki! Not at all! She is for mature audiences only, lol. Now, with that said, I have noticed that Nicki takes time to be a positive influence on her fans as well. She gives words of encouragement and advice via twitter and her various interviews. She encourages and empowers women to be about their money, their goals, and believe it or not their spirituality. This connection with her Barbies will help sustain her.

So, what am I saying? Im saying that we have yet to hear the last of Nicki Minaj, and honestly I dont know when this reign will end. Yes I said Reign! She is the hottest female rapper out right now..I mean she's "the only chic poppin like a can of brew" (Barbs know whats up!)  Until somebody else comes out/back swingin like this- she's the Champ! Her "gooey stuff" (Shout out Barbs again! LOL Its not what you think!!) is just dope-period. Im just saying forget about wondering if her boobs/butt is fake, or if she's sleeping with Wayne, or whatever else you can find to hate on the chic about and get to know her artistry for yourself- I promise none of that will matter and you'll be walking around using the nictionary before you know it :)

Kudos Nicki Keep doing your thing....TNT BabyKayKs *signed* The Newborn Barbie

This is one of my fave flows by the Nickster on "Sweet Dreams Remix" for those who've been under a rock and never heard her..and the Barbs..enjoy (not for the kids!)! *Please See MusicThatMovesMe section.*

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