Monday, November 23, 2009


So Kayki, you're a singer/songwriter,come from a fam of singers/musicians been around some insane singers. Had the priveledge of singing/knowing some incredible artists...who is your favorite singer of all time?? -Well Im glad you asked, lol.

I have a few who are tied..and the next 3 MTMM sections will include the three of them- that is if I can get a song to post from my sis Ashley! To kick it off though is Ms. Chantae Cann in the A by way of Chicago. There is OIL(God, anointing) alll over this girls voice, and what makes her even more special is that she has the sweetest spirit to match her voice.

Heard her for the first time a bit ago, and I've had the pleasure of meeting her a few times (we were on a couple of shows together & have mutual friends) but really, she is tied for my favorite singer of ALL time! When you hear her you will understand, but once you experience her live you might just agree. Her voice is sincerely like..honey, or heaven, just all things sweet & perfect.. enjoy BabyKayks, & I believe she's getting an album together- you know Ill keep you updated!

I was at this event at Sugar hill where she ripped one of her faves to sing, "People Make the World Go Round" -I can actually hear me in the crowd=sad! LOL..If she looks familiar she's sang background for India.Arie, and Im sure others I dont know of. You have to listen closely due to all of the screaming to really hear the touch of God coming from this woman's mouth. Dont move your ears- you might miss something! Shout out to my official Morehouse bro Jon & Jaspects behind her..Make sure you listen to the end!

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