Monday, November 23, 2009

MJ's Accusers Father Commits Suicide

Ok, Ok, OK...Im late with this, but news is that Evan Chandler the father of one of Michael Jacksons accusers committed suicide the other day. Not soon after MJ's death, the accuser himself came forward and reported that the whole accusation was a lie manufactored by his father. Now, this is not shocking, I honestly felt in my heart that something like this, or a complete confession to lying would come soon after Mike's death. Im just very sad, VERY sad that it had to come this way.

I have never felt in my heart that MJ did anything to those children. He was a kind hearted, filthy rich, easily manipulated man, so he was taken advantage of. Im not saying that my opinion is fact, but I am saying that I feel that lots of people lied on Mike just for money. Im very sad for the Jackson family, as well as the young man used by his father to gain riches. Im not saying that it killed Michael, but it sure didnt improve his mental state, and his decay was so evident during that trial.

BabyKayks, money is not everything...and forget what Kanye said, neither is not having it. You cant take advantage of people to gain riches... the burden of coming to your senses might be too much to live with later..TNT BabyKayKs..muah!

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