Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kayki Quotes of the Day

Here you will find all of my personal original/favorite quotes some of which will be used for the Kayki Quote of the Day Enjoy

..I hope God helps me to be as I should be when I get to where I need to be without the help of all who could have helped me..

..In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet... (Albert Schweitzer)

..Throwing shade really is blasphemous- youre not perfect or above anyone else-there is 1 True judge 1 God..*newsflash* YOU are not AM.. what you want & say what you want...but dont expect anybody to give you what you must do what you have to for that..

..Let her first steps be towards Spelman..(I dont know..but LET THEM! LOL)

..when your backs against the wall...move forward, obviously its the only way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

..A man/woman who cant be told anything is a man/woman who cant learn anything..and that man/woman will surely fail and die..

..That thing in between ur legs is not only what makes u a man,it can also make u a fool..

....Im a sensitive soul, though I seem thick skinned..(Pumba)

..concern yourself w/ your intentions first. I like to say that 90% of communication is perception...its not always what you say or do..but how you & your actions are perceived...and that my friend is the key- dont fight the opinion(of you) that you CANT shape...

... doesnt like when people say God wont put on you more than you can bear. I disagree..if you could bear it wouldnt need Him. Sometimes God puts soo much on your plate that you HAVE to acknowledge Him and remember that you dont walk alone...

...a hidden friendship is no friendship at all..a true friend is not afraid to stand beside you in the light, whether it be your's or their own. They know your secrets, your flaws, your insecurities, but they love you anyway & stand by you. Their intentions are pure in correction and they motivate you to be better. I want to thank all of my friends for loving me for me...

...People cant control their own why should I expend my energy trying to?(control theirs). Im a good person-not perfect, I dont believe in such a reality-only the pursuit of it..but Im as genuine as God made me. Anywho I promise its easier to love me...

..It is the reality not the appearance of justice that should be followed above all things.. (Plato)

..I.hate.cigarettes. fave scripture is 1Timothy 6:5-6.. know God, love God, be your growth...

..Truth is every racist hates a little bit of themselves..

...If you are in my league trying to go where Im trying to go..its best to support me..just in case I get there first and you need a lil help...

..just b/c you cant have 1 general conversation w/out it turning into a God/spiritual convo doesnt mean youre holy..just trying too hard..

....its all about progression..loiterers should be arrested!.. (Jay z)

... I just want all of us to be the best people we can be..and know that when I preach like that sometimes Im talking to myself too..

...a pig can screw, sex, bone, whatever you call it...the HOG can do it too.. so dont walk around feeling manly b/c your penis a dad, then call yourself a man..

..the power doesnt lie in the person, but the lessons you learn from really experiencing love. B thankful..

..Im gonna practice self control & not get sushi...

.. It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.. (Bruce Lee)

..Kanisha u probably wont change...but the people around u will FOR SURE, which may cause u to adjust.. (Cristyle)

..rubics cubes are impossible to me..I cant process the idea of these thing & my intelligence hates it..

....Im not really a runner(riffer) so I dont do them- know your voice people...

....What was dat? Di wedda very peculiar, dont u tink??...(Rafiki)

..If something happens to get you off track on the road to your destiny, that doesnt mean your destiny disappears-its still there, waiting on you..

.....HAKUNA MATATA.. (Timon, Pumba, & Simba)

...Scar was a coward b/c he wasnt strong enough to live w/ his own insecurities... I know a lot of people like that... wise be wise think with your head NOT WHATS BETWEEN YOUR THIGHS!..Dudes will be dudes and sorry but love is not always enough...

....I mean..the "other" woman is not in a relationship w/ you & 9/10 he's playing both of yall w/ the other other woman..imjustsayin..

..if Ever I hear that any of my little sisters are going at another female over a dude..your (donkey) is grass.Thts classy mature lady 101..

..stay above the things beneath you..or stoop..choice is yours..

..the fools around you shine light on the fool in you- check your relationships with the eye of wisdom, its the only opposition to foolery.. were what you were & you are what you are..those might not be the same long as you & God know that..benedict the rest..

..walk in your reality towards your destiny, life is NOT an illusion.. the end of the day, when you lay in bed alone or w/ someone else the real question is, can you live w/ YOURSELF?..

..those who are not meant to stay in your life, will one day leave...and this is normal...

...dont break/bend/stoop so easily..the diamond is cherished b/c its the hardest substance known to man- know what youre made of..

..Ima be the queen no matter how they shuffle.. (Nicki Minaj) some point crap just shouldnt be interesting- it should stink...

...usually Im in drama b/c Im surrounded by dramatic people, but even then 99.8% of the time they will tell you, "K could care less"..

..dont talk to me about being real when youre the most contradictory person I know..

.....the BEST part about being me outside of being a child of God is that He blessed me w/ the attitude of uninterest, I LOVE that about me..

..I put my love in a jar, in my heart like a piggy bank...and Im giving it to whatever you do- dont shatter my heart..(Cristyle)

....everyday people, they lie to God WHAT makes you think that they wont lie to you?..(Lauryn Hill)

..beware of the false motives of others- be careful of those who pretend to be lovers, men who lack conscience will even lie to themselves..(Lauryn Hill)

..wisdom is not always knowing what to say at the right time, but knowing what not to say at the wrong time..

...I've made the greatest discovery of mankind, you define the existance of love..(Cristyle)

..I am inspired by everyone, either to be or not to be..

....the preacher/pastor is not perfect- the Word is..

...sometimes the truth is hard to swollow when trying to get to the bottom of things- but remember crocodiles swallow rocks to dive deeper...

..Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhh! This is life..

..Sometimes I just dont know what Im doing, and all that is fact is that I am somewhere in between now and eternity.. of the most important aspects in life is self worth.. I know soo many people who cant hide the fact that they feel worth $.25..

..There's no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothes! ( Stay on point ppl!).. (Rev. Run)

..Neffe just said phillipian tubes.

...My life is a game..God is my QB, I hope Im getting in position to catch everythng he throws my way..and not too preoccupied trying to avoid the blows that I cant focus on Him..

..One day soon..

.. “Mr. Right's coming, but he's in Africa, and he's walking”.. (Oprah) heart is international..

.....youll find humility in praying for your enemies as well- b/c really who are you? Just another imperfection living by grace n mercy from above..

..If I told yall how much favor God has granted me in my life, you wouldnt believe me...

..I hate it when people tell me what I want to hear, I think thats why I try to be so honest...

...your chances are as great as your God..tis why I serve Jesus Christ- if death is defeated what/who else is there to fear?..

...Been straight forward my whole life, I cant change, wouldnt if I could- might save my life one day, or yours...

..humble yourself, you might learn something...

..U might not be recognized on the world's stage, but u might mean the world to somebody..

..right=right if no one is doing it. Wrong=wrong if everyone is doing it..(Not sure)

..If another person says something to me about who I should be loyal to Im going hard- Im loyal to whats right...

.. I believe that on judgement day a lot of people are going to be in trouble for failing to be good stewards of the most obvious gift-children..

..You dont have to be a star to be the light in somebody's life..

...Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. .(Tagore)

..Dont wanna lose my focus but its bound to leave..(Brandy track) are not GROWN until you're OUT and on your OWN!..until then you're still a BOY not a MAN..'s rejection is God's protection..(dont know)

...Its the little things God does for me that are such a big deal!.
..There are few things that make me happier than a creating a song from scratch & hearing it all come together..

..there is an art to saying things in music in a way that is musical- I think this song (papers)lacks that musicality..

...doing nothing for others is the Undoing of ourselves..(H. Mann)

..for every hater & person who'd like to tear me down I have 10 more people who love me to pieces & a God who makes sure Im taken care of.So basically what Im appending haters is- jokes on ya!..

..the past few mos. have been rough to say the least& today God allowed me to minister through song about His favor sustaining me-Catch is I was ministering to/with the very people who lied&plotted against me to induce this time.In my heart I know they are now in need of God's favor in a big way..& I can sincerely say that I pray God has mercy on them for what they did & comes through.(Proverbs 24:17, 25:21).. I always say deal w/ the facts -your emotions can get you killed b4 they fade..b/c they do fade.. LIFE there is what IS right & what FEELS right.when you act on the latter & it doesnt =truth, you LIVE a lie..

..they that wait on the Lord, shall renew their strength.They shall mount up on wings like an eagle&soar.*Its gonna work for they that WAIT* (Isaiah 40:31 by way of Fred Hammond)

...understand the cycle of poverty/struggle/ & violence. There is so much more to it than what is being said- Its a cycle...

..I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it... (Maya Angelou)

..there is a positive correlation between my age and how emotional men are..get over it...

..I dont care how many albums/tours people sell! BRANDY IS THE BEST..

.....understand that your life is but a moment in the eternity of have but a moment to live & love as much as you can..

..contrary to common belief in the church friday is not a get away wit whatever free night...
..If u get where youre supposed to be it wont always be a smooth ride but atleast so much wont be against u..

..Bj if everything is coming ur way, ure in the wrong lane..(My Daddy) you. Dont let anybody make you act out of your true character -dont give them that power..

...You wont find peace & joy if youre looking for doesnt fall from the sky-its innate, from God..feel it-be it-share it...

..There is no love which does not become help... (Paul Tillich)

..anyone can speak w/another man's wisdom(what you say),but your life (what you do) will speak to whether youre a fool or not.. any great teacher God will continue to give you the lesson until you get it..and I know you think you have- but your pride is ever evident. Hmph Rev. Run said-"..its easier to build up a child then to repair a grown man.." SO I ask who are you not building up? Trust you WILL have to do some major repairing one day if you arent..-Im just saying dont panic when it all comes tumbling down for lack of substance..

..growing up my Daddy would always say, "Bj, you gotta have thick skin.." I thank him for that now.. spirit is a part of this,thats why I get spiritual,but I get my hymns from Him,so its not me its He thats lyrical..(saul williams)

..whenever I open my heart, my soul, or my mouth a touch of God rains out!..(saulwilliams)

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