Tuesday, November 17, 2009


When I was 10, my four siblings and I (youngest being 8) were absolutely astonished to learn that my mommie was pregnant again! AHHHHHH! LOL. There were 4 of us already and 5 other foster children living with us, were they crazy??

No! I remember my mom saying how the doctors were telling her that at 42 she was too old to have a baby without serious risks and I remember her crying and saying, "If my baby comes here without a head, he's still my baby". It was a rough pregnancy, but once he got here he stole our hearts.

Yay was chunky, smart, and just down right ADORABLE! He would preach, and sing, and slob!!!! I miss him like that now that he's taller than me and feels the need to tell me what guy I cant talk to.

So this blog is dedicated to my baby brother Yay(as I've always called him-when he was little he would say his name was Ayaybier :) I love you. You are a wonderful wonderful young man of God. I expect greatness out of you and I cant wait to be there to witness it all.HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAY! Love always your big sis (KK)

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