Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Tarrik


I am blessed to have some really cool friends both male and female. You all know I try to do the birthday shout outs on here as much as I can. A few years ago I met some guys who I thought were mad cool. Very talented, educated brothers from Morehouse making things happen! Tarrik was one of those guys. He is the ceo of the hottest promo company the AUC has ever seen & Im sure it will be running all of Atlanta very soon.

T12 is a name known by many here in the A as a company that can get your event done! I stand behind any T12 event and am soon to partner with them on a couple of things in 2010. So anytime you're in the A, or MIA, or where ever else T12 will reach, and you hear the name, remember Kayki gaurantees you a great time! Im very proud of these guys- and I figured since I missed Tarrik's big shabang Saturday that I could at least give him a lil blog :) I hope this day is as LIVE for him as he makes soo many people's birthdays. Happy Birthday Tarrik.

I think that pic is such a boss pic! Click on it to visit for all things T12 and upcoming events!!

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