Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So a couple of years ago I met a chic at my church (The Greater Travelers Rest). She was a great friend of my bro Q Parker and she eventually began to sing with the Praise Team that both Q and I were a part of. She was quiet, but cool. After chatting it up a couple of times we realized we knew a lot of the same people. Id be standing next to her singing and absolutely AMAZED at what was coming out of her mouth! It was sultry and sweet like Brandy's but it was definitely her own..I couldnt believe it..this chic's voice was AMAZING! Little did I know then that her pen(writing ability) is even more sick.

At some point her schedule picked up and she was unable to continue with the praise team, but we managed to keep in touch via other mediums. I started to hear from Q and other sources that she was really putting in work on the writing end. Come to find out putting in work does not suffice..the pen is ridiculous..hence her nickname "The Inke". She has written for the greats such as Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, & of course my fave Brandy! All in a very short time! I dont have time to name all of those songs, but Ill post a video of one of my faves below...and need be, you can "Google Her" (one of her joints lol)

Anywho I wanted to write this blog to wish her a happy birthday because without knowing it, she has been a huge inspiration to me. I have always been a singer, used to write poetry, loved arranging harmonies and such, but I never really considered myself a writer until about 4 months ago. Its hard for people to believe because everytime you look up Im in the studio working, but all of this just came about and took on a life of its own. So you may ask, after all of these years..what happened to make you pick up a pen and write? Well, Brandy's album dropped and there was a joint on it callled, "Shattered Heart". This song moved me BabyKayKs I mean, I listened to it at least 4 x before moving on to the next track! Thats how much I loved it.

I began to post lines from it on facebook as my status and I'd tweet it all of the time. It inspired me lyrically, the arrangement was insane, the track was incredible, and of course Brandy's voice just topped it off. So after feeling this song so much I decided that I wanted to write something that moved somebody as this song had moved me...so, I picked up my phone and began typing..(I dont know why, but I write all my songs in my phone to this day, lol). A song called, "Many" started it all! Hopefully you'll hear it one day! So after about a month of having the album it dawned on me to peek at the credits like WHO penned this?? Low and behold it was Cristyle..I flipped and tweeted her IMMEDIATELY,she was as humble as she always is and just thanked me. 

So today I want to thank her for inspiring me to sing my thoughts..or let somebody else do it. She once tweeted that when she is in the booth she tries to channel Brandy or Michael, like what would they do here...well I do the same, but she is one of the people I channel. How would Cristyle say this, what harmonies would she use...real talk. So Thanks a bunch Style for the inspiration and Im YET waiting on the call to collab :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE INK!!!!!!

 this is my fave joint that she's written, enjoy :) TNT  BabyKayks


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