Saturday, November 28, 2009

As Time flies...

So about 2 years ago, I thought it would be cool to post a video of my then 4 yr. old niece Madyson and 3 yr. old nephew Phelin singing/dancing on youtube. I had no idea that Mady's version of "Encourage Yourself" would become such a youtube hit. Her parents and I used to try to read her comments to her, but we couldnt keep up with them all. Now Mady is in 1st grade reading at a 4th grade level and can read her own comments :) People's lives were really touched by it.

For about a year now I've been getting messages/comments asking me to have her redo it now that she's a little older. Its kind of hard for me to answer all of the requests because I live in Atl and Mady in IL. Well, last night she stopped by to see her new lil cousin, and I got a minute of her time to record :) I wish I had told her to sing a bit louder, but you can still hear how beautiful her voice is and see how much she's grown up! Her lyrics are still the same! Its the cutest thing, but you all know what she means!

Everybody knows that my nieces/nephews mean soo much to me. Im in awe of how talented and smart they all are! They bring nothing but pure joy into my life and I share them with others because I want others to experience the love they share with me. As long as people still want to see/hear them, Ill keep recording ;) I've been telling their parents to get them into some auditions or something, but you know how that is.... Anywho here's tia's Madyson singing "Encourage Yourself" at 4 (for those who havent seen it) & again, now at 6 years old... my how time flies.. TNT BabyKayKs


  1. LOL!! Go head Maddy!! She sing'n this in her grown voice honey!! Not 4 anymore!! I love it!!

  2. im DONE! omg her not a baby nemore :-(