Monday, November 30, 2009

Congratulations to Nivea & Wayne


Nivea and Toya at an OMG girls performance...thanks to for the pic.

The last of the Carter babies- that we know of- was born today in Atlanta! Singer Nivea and longtime on and off again boyfriend (fiance?) Lil Wayne welcomed a little boy Neal Carter into the world today according to Mack Maine on twitter. I just want to say shout out again to Toya Carter (Wayne's ex wife, oldest child's mother) for being such a lady all of the time. She always embraces the other children/women and was one of the first to tweet congratulations to Wayne & Niv. I love babies- they are always a reason to celebrate..and we know from an earlier blog that his oldest son's mother responded to that Wayne is a great dad! So again congrats!

Smile :)


Ok, My nieces/nephews are characters! This is my 6 yr old nephew Phelin in his element while his Uncle Calvin records some drums in the studio- Enjoy BabyKayks!

Happy Birthday!


Oh Boy! There is a lot I could say about this person- but for your sake and mine I will keep this very very short. Today 27yrs. ago my dreams came true. I hope he has a smashing birthday! TNT BabykayKs

Saturday, November 28, 2009

As Time flies...

So about 2 years ago, I thought it would be cool to post a video of my then 4 yr. old niece Madyson and 3 yr. old nephew Phelin singing/dancing on youtube. I had no idea that Mady's version of "Encourage Yourself" would become such a youtube hit. Her parents and I used to try to read her comments to her, but we couldnt keep up with them all. Now Mady is in 1st grade reading at a 4th grade level and can read her own comments :) People's lives were really touched by it.

For about a year now I've been getting messages/comments asking me to have her redo it now that she's a little older. Its kind of hard for me to answer all of the requests because I live in Atl and Mady in IL. Well, last night she stopped by to see her new lil cousin, and I got a minute of her time to record :) I wish I had told her to sing a bit louder, but you can still hear how beautiful her voice is and see how much she's grown up! Her lyrics are still the same! Its the cutest thing, but you all know what she means!

Everybody knows that my nieces/nephews mean soo much to me. Im in awe of how talented and smart they all are! They bring nothing but pure joy into my life and I share them with others because I want others to experience the love they share with me. As long as people still want to see/hear them, Ill keep recording ;) I've been telling their parents to get them into some auditions or something, but you know how that is.... Anywho here's tia's Madyson singing "Encourage Yourself" at 4 (for those who havent seen it) & again, now at 6 years old... my how time flies.. TNT BabyKayKs

Friday, November 27, 2009



This baby is going IN! I need to know her so that she can pray for me! God bless this little baby!
Watch it all the way!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Addition to the Family

This Thanksgiving is particularly special because my sister gave birth today to the latest addition to our family. I come from a pretty close knit family, and my immediate family is just blossoming with babies (none by me! lol) It seems as though my siblings are all producing the Baby Boom Prt. 2 On their own!! Anywho, if you know me you know my nieces/nephews are my world and I couldnt be happier to get another... welcome Prysen Auqi Feaster :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my favorite holiday of the year traditionally. I feel as though it would be Christmas if we hadnt gotten so far away from the real meaning of Christmas by focusing on the material gain. This time of year is always great because I can just be around my family and be thankful for all God is to us. I encourage everyone to sit for a moment and just be thankful for what you have, what you DONT have, where you're going, and where you've been. Also, feed somebody else this Thanksgiving.. Love You BabyKayks!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What They Said!

Ok, 1 more addition to the blog. This section will feature another person's words/blog and my opinion/response. The first spot goes to a friend of mine who practices law in Chicago and writes an article for Chicago Lawyer Magazine online. I loved this article and wanted to share my opinion.. Click the title (What They Said!) to be directed to the actual article..

--What Kayki Thinks
I just read an article by a dear friend of mine that sparked my interest! It might just be my fave by him thus far! His article which can be seen at the above link focuses on the law here in America and how it relates to immigrants and people from other cultures!

Ive had a similar conversation with my room mate about the law regarding sexual offenders. She'd had a very interesting conversation with her dad about it and brought it to my attention. The idea was that an 18 yr old high schooler dating a 16 yr old high schooler could easily be incriminated for something that was consensual on both parts - as the case of Darrion Albert here in GA so clearly outlines. I think that the issue with abiding by the law stems from a lot of people's misunderstanding of the law itself and as crime as an offense against the law itself, not necessarily an individual. Its the only way I can find any sense of understanding as a law abiding citizen, lol.

Growing up, my mom would flip out if I left the iron or curlers plugged up. Now technically if I am curling my hair and I need to run down to get something really quickly and come right back, there is nothing wrong per se with doing that. I am not intentionally hurting anybody. Yes I might use up a little more energy, but whats the actual crime? Well, my parents figured early on that they couldnt leave any loop holes for injury to occur to anyone in our home.

There was no harm in me leaving my curlers plugged- that is until my baby brother walks in and yanks them down onto his head..possibly burning himself! So the rule stood as a way to make sure everyone was protected. When I accidentally left them on, or didnt think about it- I got fussed out. When I left them on and nobody was hurt- I still got fussed out. The rule stood as a proactive measure & the consequence a direct result of offending the rule itself- whether or not anyone was hurt.

So is how I interpret law. Though the sex was consensual the 17 yr old offended the "law" by having sex w/ a 16 yr. old. A law that is necessary to have due to all of the predators preying on children everyday not just in this country, but around the world. If the law is amended where is the protection for them? It is the risk taken. Its important that we know the laws and then govern/protect ourselves from the consequences of the offending the law.

For some it might be as simple as waiting a year to date someone-well worth the wait. You might say, well what if the victim says it was consensual?.... That cant slide either. There is so much fear and such a stigma attached to sexual offenses that many victims recant their stories, or lie just to escape such embarrassment, thereby leaving the guilty uncharged. So the law must stand as it is and we must then abide by the law, which brings me to my next point and my stance on Kwabena's article.

My mom also hated to see dishes in the sink! They were there because whomever was meant to wash them didnt, but she absolutely hated to see them either way. Personally I didnt see anything wrong with a spoon sitting in the sink for a couple of minutes, but my mom does/did! It irritated me to no end to hear her going off about dishes left in the sink, but there wasnt much I could do about it as I was living in her house. Now that I live in my own house, if I wish to say, "Ill load the dishwasher before I go to bed" thats my choice. As in my house I can abide by my own rules-I feel the same way about immigrants.

It is vitally important that if they choose to come here, that they understand and abide by the laws here just as Americans do. Kissing your child's genitalia might be acceptable and even welcomed in Cambodia as leaving dishes in the sink for a bit is allowed in my house, but as I had to adjust when living in my parents home to their must the Cambodian woman in America. For the offense again in my opinion is not necessarily "wrong" in the Cambodian lady's mind, or mine- but by all means it is contrary to the laws governing our place of residency. Laws meant to protect the well being of what is considered right/wrong in America. Due to the fact that America is a melting pot, full of many different cultures, it is easy to dismiss the fact that in and of itself it is a country - with its own laws and rules to follow. Those laws have to be learned and understood by everyone walking on American soil.

As much as I clearly see lots of room for error with our judicial system because of these types of law, I also understand why they have to be as such. When I go to Cambodia, if I have to cover my face, then I must first be aware of that & cover my face. Now if I am unaware of such a law that is unfortunate, but again I feel it is totally up to me to educate myself on what is acceptable in my current situation. If Im going to England to meet the Queen, I should know what practices are demanded, acceptable, and respectable while in the presence of the Queen. It is my responsibility to learn such things- not the Queen's responsibility to bend years of tradition/law on behalf of my ignorance to spare me my consequence.

So, I hope this makes sense to you all, I really really liked this article if you cant tell! Its a great debate topic as well. As much as the law can be annoying, I just try to remember that when I commit a crime I offend the law itself. If it says I cant go on the red light, as much as I hate waiting when no cars are present, I must wait because that is the law of the land. Whether or not I hit someone- my offense is against the law if I choose to run the light.Whether or not Im aware or even used to such a law is too much for the law to consider if it is to be effective.

Consider the way in which laws keep order in the land as well-which is why we cant always consider the way in which other cultures/ countries live as their way might not be conducive to how we live here in America. Im not gonna go on and on about that, but its another relevant point! Anywho Im done- just loved that read...great article as always Kwabena! TNT Baby Kayks


Ok, today continues my favorite singers series..and I have nothing but one word to say about this lady who is tied w/Chantae and Ashley as my ALL time faves. That word is Listen.

Smile :)

Im starting yet another section of the blog.. I guess its best I start these while we're in the beginning stages! Well this section is gonna be simply to put a smile on your face whenever you need one. The first few of these will most likely be videos of my nieces/nephews b/c they always brighten my day. This video is of my niece Madyson a couple of years ago. She's still singing and still just as adorable. Check it out and smile BabyKayks!

The Mama's Show?

Mama Wayne, Mama Neyo, & Mama Tpain..get it ladies, lol

I've been hearing that the mothers of some of the top artists were coming together to do a show. I dont know much about this, so I cant say much, but I thought you all would think the same thing I did.. huh? and then, how cute. These ladies are the source of most of the music you love & hear these days. Shout out to for the pic.

Monday, November 23, 2009


So Kayki, you're a singer/songwriter,come from a fam of singers/musicians been around some insane singers. Had the priveledge of singing/knowing some incredible artists...who is your favorite singer of all time?? -Well Im glad you asked, lol.

I have a few who are tied..and the next 3 MTMM sections will include the three of them- that is if I can get a song to post from my sis Ashley! To kick it off though is Ms. Chantae Cann in the A by way of Chicago. There is OIL(God, anointing) alll over this girls voice, and what makes her even more special is that she has the sweetest spirit to match her voice.

Heard her for the first time a bit ago, and I've had the pleasure of meeting her a few times (we were on a couple of shows together & have mutual friends) but really, she is tied for my favorite singer of ALL time! When you hear her you will understand, but once you experience her live you might just agree. Her voice is sincerely like..honey, or heaven, just all things sweet & perfect.. enjoy BabyKayks, & I believe she's getting an album together- you know Ill keep you updated!

I was at this event at Sugar hill where she ripped one of her faves to sing, "People Make the World Go Round" -I can actually hear me in the crowd=sad! LOL..If she looks familiar she's sang background for India.Arie, and Im sure others I dont know of. You have to listen closely due to all of the screaming to really hear the touch of God coming from this woman's mouth. Dont move your ears- you might miss something! Shout out to my official Morehouse bro Jon & Jaspects behind her..Make sure you listen to the end!

Happy Birthday Tarrik


I am blessed to have some really cool friends both male and female. You all know I try to do the birthday shout outs on here as much as I can. A few years ago I met some guys who I thought were mad cool. Very talented, educated brothers from Morehouse making things happen! Tarrik was one of those guys. He is the ceo of the hottest promo company the AUC has ever seen & Im sure it will be running all of Atlanta very soon.

T12 is a name known by many here in the A as a company that can get your event done! I stand behind any T12 event and am soon to partner with them on a couple of things in 2010. So anytime you're in the A, or MIA, or where ever else T12 will reach, and you hear the name, remember Kayki gaurantees you a great time! Im very proud of these guys- and I figured since I missed Tarrik's big shabang Saturday that I could at least give him a lil blog :) I hope this day is as LIVE for him as he makes soo many people's birthdays. Happy Birthday Tarrik.

I think that pic is such a boss pic! Click on it to visit for all things T12 and upcoming events!!

MJ's Accusers Father Commits Suicide

Ok, Ok, OK...Im late with this, but news is that Evan Chandler the father of one of Michael Jacksons accusers committed suicide the other day. Not soon after MJ's death, the accuser himself came forward and reported that the whole accusation was a lie manufactored by his father. Now, this is not shocking, I honestly felt in my heart that something like this, or a complete confession to lying would come soon after Mike's death. Im just very sad, VERY sad that it had to come this way.

I have never felt in my heart that MJ did anything to those children. He was a kind hearted, filthy rich, easily manipulated man, so he was taken advantage of. Im not saying that my opinion is fact, but I am saying that I feel that lots of people lied on Mike just for money. Im very sad for the Jackson family, as well as the young man used by his father to gain riches. Im not saying that it killed Michael, but it sure didnt improve his mental state, and his decay was so evident during that trial.

BabyKayks, money is not everything...and forget what Kanye said, neither is not having it. You cant take advantage of people to gain riches... the burden of coming to your senses might be too much to live with later..TNT BabyKayKs..muah!



Words cant ever EVER express the joy I feel everytime I see Whitney these days! I grew up idolizing her voice & beauty. While the rest of the world hated and bashed her during her rough years, one little midwestern girl was praying for her recovery almost every night! That was me. I will forever love and respect her gift!!! Im so happy to see her clean, and healthy...and dare I say that she sounded really good last night on the AMAs! She was honored w. an award and looked beautiful!! Go Whitney!!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Today's pick is a group that has a special place in my heart- and a song that has the same...listen understand the words! Love these guys..

Lighthouse Family, "Question of Faith"

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Ok, Today's MTMM is from Pj Morton,I call him our generations Stevie! and if you dont know who that is, Im a bit worried about your music collection. PJ is a writer, producer, amazing musician, and vocalist from the N.O. I believe he's been writing seriously since his early teens. Anywho, you should google, youtube, itunes, and everything else PJ Morton- you'll thank me. Enjoy this medley including John Mayer's "Daughters" Click the title to go to it today love ya BabyKayks

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


When I was 10, my four siblings and I (youngest being 8) were absolutely astonished to learn that my mommie was pregnant again! AHHHHHH! LOL. There were 4 of us already and 5 other foster children living with us, were they crazy??

No! I remember my mom saying how the doctors were telling her that at 42 she was too old to have a baby without serious risks and I remember her crying and saying, "If my baby comes here without a head, he's still my baby". It was a rough pregnancy, but once he got here he stole our hearts.

Yay was chunky, smart, and just down right ADORABLE! He would preach, and sing, and slob!!!! I miss him like that now that he's taller than me and feels the need to tell me what guy I cant talk to.

So this blog is dedicated to my baby brother Yay(as I've always called him-when he was little he would say his name was Ayaybier :) I love you. You are a wonderful wonderful young man of God. I expect greatness out of you and I cant wait to be there to witness it all.HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAY! Love always your big sis (KK)


ok BabyKayks todays choice is a great song! So great that I heard a snippet of it this am on vh1 and immediately picked up my phone to search for it, but unfortunately my short term memory is REALLY bad! Fortunately enough I have great friends who listen to more than Gucci & Beyonce (No Shade I like both, but there are GREAT artists out there..listen up!) Hope you all dig it!

Child's Body Determined to Be Little Shaniya's

I almost cant bear to write this blog, but I promised myself that this blog wouldnt be just about the entertainment world. I want my BabyKayks to enjoy the ent. news, funny stories, but also I want them to know about whats going on in the world around them,and what a world we live in.

My room mate Kim is usually the person to inform me of all of the child abduction cases, as she stays atuned to such information. Im always vexed to hear that some person is sub human enough to prey on a child. This case in particular struck me as unbearable simply because along with this child being abducted it is thought that she was sold into child prostitution. I said it on twitter, and Ill say it again. We pray God's mercy over people all of the time, and we very well should. Lets not forget though, that along with being a loving God, he is also just! Somethings I just cant find in myself to pray mercy for. The Bible speaks of good repercussions and bad ones, and I just want God's will to be done with these mercy prayers here. So Sad.

Here is part of the story from cnn, and the rest can be found on or any other news source at the moment.

"(CNN) -- A body found Monday beside a North Carolina road is that of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis, who was reported missing a week ago, police said Tuesday.
The official cause of death was undetermined as of Tuesday afternoon, Fayetteville police said in written statement. An announced afternoon media briefing was rescheduled for Wednesday morning.
Earlier Tuesday, police said additional charges are expected in connection with the case and any charges will be made public as soon as they are filed.
Shaniya's mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, has been charged with human trafficking and other offenses. Davis was "prostituting her child," police spokeswoman Teresa Chance said after Davis' arrest over the weekend...."

Lets keep her family in prayer and remember to pray for this world!! TNT BabyKayks

New Nicki Minaj Interview By King

This is the best Nicki Minaj interview I have heard to date shout out to my girl Careen & her boy King..great interview King! TNT BabyKayks

Friday, November 13, 2009

What Only God Can Do

When I was in the third grade I believe, I was fortunate as lots of kids are to watch the process of metamorphisis occur. We got to pick a caterpillar out of a box, name it and place it in our own little containers. We watched the catepillars eat and shed, eat and shed, then finally pupatate (shedding its skin for the last time). We had learned about this prior to observing it but it was still absolutely amazing. We saw a caterpillar turn into a pupa, then a chrysalis, and finally it emerged as a monarch butterfly.

I have always been into animals, bugs, all things of that nature. I used to chase my big sister around with worms growing up. I just had a love and inquisitiveness for God's creation-still do. So the process of watching the butterfly birthed was AMAZING to me! That part of my personality was complemented well with that lesson, but with my inquisition came my impatience. Boy I remember everyday running into class hoping and praying that my caterpillar had turned into a butterfly and everyday for a while I was disappointed.

Once the process actually happened I remember being in awe..and searching around in my little case for the caterpillar I picked out of the box- it was no where to be found. Though I had seen it happen for a few of my classmates and I was watching this beautiful butterfly flutter around in my case, I still just wouldnt believe it had happened for me! So whats the lesson of this blog? lol

The caterpillar/butterfly lesson taught me so much about life!
1.When we got them they werent much fun to look at, and they couldnt get very far very fast. They were just caterpillars.

-Some of us are the same way. We dont really look like much to others and it might seem as though we arent getting anywhere while everybody around us is prospering...DONT BE FOOLED BY THE APPEARANCE - "There is nothing about a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly." -Buckminster Fuller.

2. Its cacoon or chrysalis was hard and usually placed under a leaf or stem

- The process of becoming all that we are meant to be may have to take place in a dark lonely place. Its OK! This is God's natural way of birthing things into existance.. He had to call even the light out of darkness, the womb of a woman isnt open for all to see. Its in the quiet most void of times that God produces His most astonishing work- let it happen.

3. It took a while before the butterfly came out

- UGH! this is where Im stooped. I absolutely had very little patience to wait on that process to take place. It seemed like it took forever!!!!!!!! God doesnt do things over night all of the time.. Again, creation in 6 days, babies in 10 may have to wait, but its worth it.

4. The outcome was so beautiful I could hardly believe

- When God finishes refining wont look like all you've been through to get there! Furthermore, stop walking around in doubt with all of the signs and wonders He's worked around you!

Well I have to leave now, but I hope this blog blesses you all. If you've never seen the process before take a peek at the below video- make sure you watch the whole thing. TNT BabyKayKs :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

With L.O.V.E.

This is another section of the blog that will be a continuing thing... In this section I will post things that I feel are either, HILARIOUS, OUT OF ORDER, or just complete foolery.. if you happen to find yourself (or me) in here just laugh it off and have a great day.

The first post is a person whom I watch on youtube when Im in need of a pick me upper. He is a bit mature tongued but he will definitely make you laugh!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy

Who Wants The Whole World Blind?

In September/October of 2002 America was abruptly strucken with a series of what seemed to be random killings by a sniper. You all know the story and the man, John Allen Muhammad who we came to know as the DC sniper. So this blog is not so much about him as it is the act of taking a life.

This country and countries abroad have been practicing the death penalty for as long as documented history reflects. Even in the Bible people were stoned for certain acts or crimes against the law. I understand that this is something that seems very much excepted as it has been going on for thousands of years. Sometimes time alone makes things feel right or alright for that matter, but I'd like to put forth that no matter how long something wrong has been going never morphs into right. It is absolutely wrong to take a life.

Im well aware that the death penalty and abortion are topics that one should stay clear of but, this is my blog and Ill blog about what I wish. Who do these people think they are to take the life of someone else? The irony to me is that they usually take the life because the convicted took a life, or multiple lives. So logically, Id think that the executioners life should be taken as well right? This is nonsense. Continuing to practice an eye for an eye will leave the entire world blind.

I pray for the families of the victims- all of them including Mr. Muhammad TNT BabyKayks


Kayki Quotes of the Day

Here you will find all of my personal original/favorite quotes some of which will be used for the Kayki Quote of the Day Enjoy

..I hope God helps me to be as I should be when I get to where I need to be without the help of all who could have helped me..

..In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet... (Albert Schweitzer)

..Throwing shade really is blasphemous- youre not perfect or above anyone else-there is 1 True judge 1 God..*newsflash* YOU are not AM.. what you want & say what you want...but dont expect anybody to give you what you must do what you have to for that..

..Let her first steps be towards Spelman..(I dont know..but LET THEM! LOL)

..when your backs against the wall...move forward, obviously its the only way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

..A man/woman who cant be told anything is a man/woman who cant learn anything..and that man/woman will surely fail and die..

..That thing in between ur legs is not only what makes u a man,it can also make u a fool..

....Im a sensitive soul, though I seem thick skinned..(Pumba)

..concern yourself w/ your intentions first. I like to say that 90% of communication is perception...its not always what you say or do..but how you & your actions are perceived...and that my friend is the key- dont fight the opinion(of you) that you CANT shape...

... doesnt like when people say God wont put on you more than you can bear. I disagree..if you could bear it wouldnt need Him. Sometimes God puts soo much on your plate that you HAVE to acknowledge Him and remember that you dont walk alone...

...a hidden friendship is no friendship at all..a true friend is not afraid to stand beside you in the light, whether it be your's or their own. They know your secrets, your flaws, your insecurities, but they love you anyway & stand by you. Their intentions are pure in correction and they motivate you to be better. I want to thank all of my friends for loving me for me...

...People cant control their own why should I expend my energy trying to?(control theirs). Im a good person-not perfect, I dont believe in such a reality-only the pursuit of it..but Im as genuine as God made me. Anywho I promise its easier to love me...

..It is the reality not the appearance of justice that should be followed above all things.. (Plato)

..I.hate.cigarettes. fave scripture is 1Timothy 6:5-6.. know God, love God, be your growth...

..Truth is every racist hates a little bit of themselves..

...If you are in my league trying to go where Im trying to go..its best to support me..just in case I get there first and you need a lil help...

..just b/c you cant have 1 general conversation w/out it turning into a God/spiritual convo doesnt mean youre holy..just trying too hard..

....its all about progression..loiterers should be arrested!.. (Jay z)

... I just want all of us to be the best people we can be..and know that when I preach like that sometimes Im talking to myself too..

...a pig can screw, sex, bone, whatever you call it...the HOG can do it too.. so dont walk around feeling manly b/c your penis a dad, then call yourself a man..

..the power doesnt lie in the person, but the lessons you learn from really experiencing love. B thankful..

..Im gonna practice self control & not get sushi...

.. It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.. (Bruce Lee)

..Kanisha u probably wont change...but the people around u will FOR SURE, which may cause u to adjust.. (Cristyle)

..rubics cubes are impossible to me..I cant process the idea of these thing & my intelligence hates it..

....Im not really a runner(riffer) so I dont do them- know your voice people...

....What was dat? Di wedda very peculiar, dont u tink??...(Rafiki)

..If something happens to get you off track on the road to your destiny, that doesnt mean your destiny disappears-its still there, waiting on you..

.....HAKUNA MATATA.. (Timon, Pumba, & Simba)

...Scar was a coward b/c he wasnt strong enough to live w/ his own insecurities... I know a lot of people like that... wise be wise think with your head NOT WHATS BETWEEN YOUR THIGHS!..Dudes will be dudes and sorry but love is not always enough...

....I mean..the "other" woman is not in a relationship w/ you & 9/10 he's playing both of yall w/ the other other woman..imjustsayin..

..if Ever I hear that any of my little sisters are going at another female over a dude..your (donkey) is grass.Thts classy mature lady 101..

..stay above the things beneath you..or stoop..choice is yours..

..the fools around you shine light on the fool in you- check your relationships with the eye of wisdom, its the only opposition to foolery.. were what you were & you are what you are..those might not be the same long as you & God know that..benedict the rest..

..walk in your reality towards your destiny, life is NOT an illusion.. the end of the day, when you lay in bed alone or w/ someone else the real question is, can you live w/ YOURSELF?..

..those who are not meant to stay in your life, will one day leave...and this is normal...

...dont break/bend/stoop so easily..the diamond is cherished b/c its the hardest substance known to man- know what youre made of..

..Ima be the queen no matter how they shuffle.. (Nicki Minaj) some point crap just shouldnt be interesting- it should stink...

...usually Im in drama b/c Im surrounded by dramatic people, but even then 99.8% of the time they will tell you, "K could care less"..

..dont talk to me about being real when youre the most contradictory person I know..

.....the BEST part about being me outside of being a child of God is that He blessed me w/ the attitude of uninterest, I LOVE that about me..

..I put my love in a jar, in my heart like a piggy bank...and Im giving it to whatever you do- dont shatter my heart..(Cristyle)

....everyday people, they lie to God WHAT makes you think that they wont lie to you?..(Lauryn Hill)

..beware of the false motives of others- be careful of those who pretend to be lovers, men who lack conscience will even lie to themselves..(Lauryn Hill)

..wisdom is not always knowing what to say at the right time, but knowing what not to say at the wrong time..

...I've made the greatest discovery of mankind, you define the existance of love..(Cristyle)

..I am inspired by everyone, either to be or not to be..

....the preacher/pastor is not perfect- the Word is..

...sometimes the truth is hard to swollow when trying to get to the bottom of things- but remember crocodiles swallow rocks to dive deeper...

..Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhh! This is life..

..Sometimes I just dont know what Im doing, and all that is fact is that I am somewhere in between now and eternity.. of the most important aspects in life is self worth.. I know soo many people who cant hide the fact that they feel worth $.25..

..There's no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothes! ( Stay on point ppl!).. (Rev. Run)

..Neffe just said phillipian tubes.

...My life is a game..God is my QB, I hope Im getting in position to catch everythng he throws my way..and not too preoccupied trying to avoid the blows that I cant focus on Him..

..One day soon..

.. “Mr. Right's coming, but he's in Africa, and he's walking”.. (Oprah) heart is international..

.....youll find humility in praying for your enemies as well- b/c really who are you? Just another imperfection living by grace n mercy from above..

..If I told yall how much favor God has granted me in my life, you wouldnt believe me...

..I hate it when people tell me what I want to hear, I think thats why I try to be so honest...

...your chances are as great as your God..tis why I serve Jesus Christ- if death is defeated what/who else is there to fear?..

...Been straight forward my whole life, I cant change, wouldnt if I could- might save my life one day, or yours...

..humble yourself, you might learn something...

..U might not be recognized on the world's stage, but u might mean the world to somebody..

..right=right if no one is doing it. Wrong=wrong if everyone is doing it..(Not sure)

..If another person says something to me about who I should be loyal to Im going hard- Im loyal to whats right...

.. I believe that on judgement day a lot of people are going to be in trouble for failing to be good stewards of the most obvious gift-children..

..You dont have to be a star to be the light in somebody's life..

...Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. .(Tagore)

..Dont wanna lose my focus but its bound to leave..(Brandy track) are not GROWN until you're OUT and on your OWN!..until then you're still a BOY not a MAN..'s rejection is God's protection..(dont know)

...Its the little things God does for me that are such a big deal!.
..There are few things that make me happier than a creating a song from scratch & hearing it all come together..

..there is an art to saying things in music in a way that is musical- I think this song (papers)lacks that musicality..

...doing nothing for others is the Undoing of ourselves..(H. Mann)

..for every hater & person who'd like to tear me down I have 10 more people who love me to pieces & a God who makes sure Im taken care of.So basically what Im appending haters is- jokes on ya!..

..the past few mos. have been rough to say the least& today God allowed me to minister through song about His favor sustaining me-Catch is I was ministering to/with the very people who lied&plotted against me to induce this time.In my heart I know they are now in need of God's favor in a big way..& I can sincerely say that I pray God has mercy on them for what they did & comes through.(Proverbs 24:17, 25:21).. I always say deal w/ the facts -your emotions can get you killed b4 they fade..b/c they do fade.. LIFE there is what IS right & what FEELS right.when you act on the latter & it doesnt =truth, you LIVE a lie..

..they that wait on the Lord, shall renew their strength.They shall mount up on wings like an eagle&soar.*Its gonna work for they that WAIT* (Isaiah 40:31 by way of Fred Hammond)

...understand the cycle of poverty/struggle/ & violence. There is so much more to it than what is being said- Its a cycle...

..I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it... (Maya Angelou)

..there is a positive correlation between my age and how emotional men are..get over it...

..I dont care how many albums/tours people sell! BRANDY IS THE BEST..

.....understand that your life is but a moment in the eternity of have but a moment to live & love as much as you can..

..contrary to common belief in the church friday is not a get away wit whatever free night...
..If u get where youre supposed to be it wont always be a smooth ride but atleast so much wont be against u..

..Bj if everything is coming ur way, ure in the wrong lane..(My Daddy) you. Dont let anybody make you act out of your true character -dont give them that power..

...You wont find peace & joy if youre looking for doesnt fall from the sky-its innate, from God..feel it-be it-share it...

..There is no love which does not become help... (Paul Tillich)

..anyone can speak w/another man's wisdom(what you say),but your life (what you do) will speak to whether youre a fool or not.. any great teacher God will continue to give you the lesson until you get it..and I know you think you have- but your pride is ever evident. Hmph Rev. Run said-"..its easier to build up a child then to repair a grown man.." SO I ask who are you not building up? Trust you WILL have to do some major repairing one day if you arent..-Im just saying dont panic when it all comes tumbling down for lack of substance..

..growing up my Daddy would always say, "Bj, you gotta have thick skin.." I thank him for that now.. spirit is a part of this,thats why I get spiritual,but I get my hymns from Him,so its not me its He thats lyrical..(saul williams)

..whenever I open my heart, my soul, or my mouth a touch of God rains out!..(saulwilliams)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So a couple of years ago I met a chic at my church (The Greater Travelers Rest). She was a great friend of my bro Q Parker and she eventually began to sing with the Praise Team that both Q and I were a part of. She was quiet, but cool. After chatting it up a couple of times we realized we knew a lot of the same people. Id be standing next to her singing and absolutely AMAZED at what was coming out of her mouth! It was sultry and sweet like Brandy's but it was definitely her own..I couldnt believe it..this chic's voice was AMAZING! Little did I know then that her pen(writing ability) is even more sick.

At some point her schedule picked up and she was unable to continue with the praise team, but we managed to keep in touch via other mediums. I started to hear from Q and other sources that she was really putting in work on the writing end. Come to find out putting in work does not suffice..the pen is ridiculous..hence her nickname "The Inke". She has written for the greats such as Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, & of course my fave Brandy! All in a very short time! I dont have time to name all of those songs, but Ill post a video of one of my faves below...and need be, you can "Google Her" (one of her joints lol)

Anywho I wanted to write this blog to wish her a happy birthday because without knowing it, she has been a huge inspiration to me. I have always been a singer, used to write poetry, loved arranging harmonies and such, but I never really considered myself a writer until about 4 months ago. Its hard for people to believe because everytime you look up Im in the studio working, but all of this just came about and took on a life of its own. So you may ask, after all of these years..what happened to make you pick up a pen and write? Well, Brandy's album dropped and there was a joint on it callled, "Shattered Heart". This song moved me BabyKayKs I mean, I listened to it at least 4 x before moving on to the next track! Thats how much I loved it.

I began to post lines from it on facebook as my status and I'd tweet it all of the time. It inspired me lyrically, the arrangement was insane, the track was incredible, and of course Brandy's voice just topped it off. So after feeling this song so much I decided that I wanted to write something that moved somebody as this song had moved, I picked up my phone and began typing..(I dont know why, but I write all my songs in my phone to this day, lol). A song called, "Many" started it all! Hopefully you'll hear it one day! So after about a month of having the album it dawned on me to peek at the credits like WHO penned this?? Low and behold it was Cristyle..I flipped and tweeted her IMMEDIATELY,she was as humble as she always is and just thanked me. 

So today I want to thank her for inspiring me to sing my thoughts..or let somebody else do it. She once tweeted that when she is in the booth she tries to channel Brandy or Michael, like what would they do here...well I do the same, but she is one of the people I channel. How would Cristyle say this, what harmonies would she use...real talk. So Thanks a bunch Style for the inspiration and Im YET waiting on the call to collab :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE INK!!!!!!

 this is my fave joint that she's written, enjoy :) TNT  BabyKayks



Everyday, Ill try to give you all some music that I think is great! For you to enjoy and expand your collection.

Todays choice is special-its my lil bro Jay, "More"

Monday, November 9, 2009


Every week, or more, Ill try to give you all some music that I think is great!

Today's song is my favorite song by one of my fave artists, Feist!

Great Moment!

Twenty Years ago today...families and friends were united as the Berlin Wall came tumbling DOWN!! TNT BabyKayKs

Friday, November 6, 2009

Nicki Minaj the Greatest chic in the Game!?

 About a month and some change ago, I was sitting at work- BORED-and while looking online for something to do, I kept coming up on the caption, "Nicki Minaj signs to Young Money". Now if you know me well you know I have a love for people who have a way with words; poets, authors, songwriters/rappers..I LOVE a metaphor!  With that said, I know who heads Young Money. I know the caliber of a rapper that Wayne is. So when I read that he had signed a female rapper to his label, I absolutely had to check her out.

The first thing I noticed when I youtubed her was her appearance. Most of the pics were a little sexual, but most are these days. My first opinion was ok, she's cute, she'll sell but can she rap? I watched a video called "autobiography" hoping that it would kill two birds with one stone- give me an idea of who she is AND if she's worth paying any attention to as a rapper. The song definitely gave me an idea of her upbringing, and how she's come through hell and high water to get to where she is now. It wasnt crazy lyrically, but it was enough to encourage me to watch another video.
This video was entitled "Go Hard" and at first I noticed someone singing and thought it was a hot lil track, but when she came in with her verse I was sucked into the song. Her animation, her intentional delivery of every word was refreshing! I played if back a couple of times to catch a few of the lyrics and metaphors, and I slowly started to realize from that one joint that Nicki Minaj was nobody to mess with on the mic. Save the pretty face- I realized in that moment that the Barbie could really spit. I practically spent a couple of hours watching interviews/ other songs, "Itty Bitty Piggy", "I Get Crazy", and a couple of others and I became a fan..instantly.  Now, some of the lyrics were a bit on the sexual side, but as I watched one of her interviews I realized that this chic is more than another woman selling sex. She had a plan, a method to the madness, and I cant hate her for that.
That night I began to start my Nicki Minaj collection. I was never into Fox, Kim, or any other female rapper. Not to say they arent great, but they never caught my ear to the point that I considered myself a fan, so this was a first. I began to have a respect for her word use, metaphors as I do JayZ or Wayne- which is BIG! She stressed in interviews how she writes her own rhymes which I definitely respect and admire. I also noticed right off top her ability to brand herself. This chic is smart, or somebody around her is. She understands that the industry is in a rut right now, and in order to be successful you have to be more than a rapper/singer. You have to develop a fan base, you have to be so likable that your base seeks to buy your records and support you. Nicki has branded herself to the ninth power! She is the Harajuku Barbie and her fans consider themselves Barbies/Kens in her footsteps. Trust-its a whole other world! LOL
It seemed to me as if I caught wind just in time. Soon after I heard her the first time, her popularity and recognition began to swell to crazy heights. Seemingly everybody I knew was in love with Nicki! Girls and guys both. What was even greater was that the guys though they think she's incredibly attractive give her major kudos for her flow as well. As I downloaded song after song, and then got my hands on a mixtape or two, I realized why. The WOMAN can RAP! Its not a game, she is a rapper..period. She is in fact the best female rapper of our time in my opinion. I found myself listening to her and thinking- where does she get this stuff from!? She pulls metaphors and liners out like its nothing. Its like, one after the other. Now, if Im honest at first I didnt get a lot of the stuff she said, and I realized it was because I was new to Nicki. She and her fans (Barbies) have this secret language (Which you can find on in the nictionary). Once I began to listen to more songs and watch more interviews everything sort of started to tie in together - the complete concept of who Nicki Minaj really is.
Nicki is an artist. From her appearance, her voice, her wordchoice it all is positive reinforcement to get the fan back to Nicki as an artist. Following her on twitter (@nickiminaj) is an experience in itself. She always has something new to introduce to her fans (Barbies) and now that I've been a fan for a bit, its great to not be out of the loop when she says something! In the past couple of weeks, she's been everywhere!! I noticed that BET listed her name in the commercial for the BET awards along with the greats like Jay Z and Luda...because she has that type of pull right now. I wasnt able to watch the awards when it first aired, but my twitter page was absolutely flooded with comments about her killing the cypher. Now, mind you I'd been tweeting about her for a while, so in that moment I just tweeted a big.. I told you so!
Dont get me wrong Im not endorsing the HB as the greatest female rapper of ALL time as if I am that knowledgeable of female rappers, but I am saying she's the greatest I've ever heard. Her rhymes are not for everybody though. She says a lot of things regarding sex and drug use that I dont at all agree with! But as with any artist/art you sort of have to take the good with the bad..what you dont understand with what you do. I dont want my 13 yr old lil sisters listening to Nicki! Not at all! She is for mature audiences only, lol. Now, with that said, I have noticed that Nicki takes time to be a positive influence on her fans as well. She gives words of encouragement and advice via twitter and her various interviews. She encourages and empowers women to be about their money, their goals, and believe it or not their spirituality. This connection with her Barbies will help sustain her.

So, what am I saying? Im saying that we have yet to hear the last of Nicki Minaj, and honestly I dont know when this reign will end. Yes I said Reign! She is the hottest female rapper out right now..I mean she's "the only chic poppin like a can of brew" (Barbs know whats up!)  Until somebody else comes out/back swingin like this- she's the Champ! Her "gooey stuff" (Shout out Barbs again! LOL Its not what you think!!) is just dope-period. Im just saying forget about wondering if her boobs/butt is fake, or if she's sleeping with Wayne, or whatever else you can find to hate on the chic about and get to know her artistry for yourself- I promise none of that will matter and you'll be walking around using the nictionary before you know it :)

Kudos Nicki Keep doing your thing....TNT BabyKayKs *signed* The Newborn Barbie

This is one of my fave flows by the Nickster on "Sweet Dreams Remix" for those who've been under a rock and never heard her..and the Barbs..enjoy (not for the kids!)! *Please See MusicThatMovesMe section.*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Woman's Work!

I dont have to say much about this righ tnow, but trust a real blog will come of it one day.. Just watch and listen.


Every week, or more, Ill try to give you all some music that I think is great!

"Sweet Dreams Remix" ft. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Nicki is the truth! Blog about her to come...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

..So you're in a RELATIONSHIP?..

While on twitter today I was approached by one of my many "little sisters" in search of my opinion regarding a relationship situation she has found herself in. Now, if you know me well, you know that I do not claim to be in any way a relationship expert. That part of my life  has been in shambles for the past 5 years and is just in recent months becoming something I am at peace about.

When I started this blog I said I would talk about whatever I wanted -excluding the love of my life, and I wont go into details about him, but my lil sisters question automatically sent my mind back to him (as if thats hard to do right? LOL) Her concern was that she's been with someone who is unwilling to do something very small and very much in his power to do for her, yet he wants her to do as he requests. Her question was more so, if she was wrong for feeling like, if it was something he really wanted, he'd put forth the effort in giving her some reciprocity.

My answer to her was that she was absolutely right in feeling that if he really wanted things to work, he would put forth the effort on his end to make it happen. The truth will always come out when its time to put in work for something. She stated that maybe she was too "hard on" and I told her I've felt that way as well, but its not the case. Women have lowered their standards, and men are just not used to fighting (courting) a woman anymore. There is a sense of value placed on me that you just are going to have to show you understand. Luke 12:34 says that where your heart is, there will your treasure be also. You cant say that you want to be with me, but you are not willing to give of your time, energy, and yes money. The sad part is most women dont think like this, and it leaves women like myself labled as hard to get or stuck up.

Now what makes a relationship work can be different from relationship to relationship, and of course there are exceptions to what Im about to say, but I feel its worth stating anyway. Any good relationship that is going to last relies largely on a word most run from- compromise. In the short span of 7 months that I was blessed to actually be in a relationship with the man I spoke of earlier- I was AMAZED at how he did things just to make me happy. There were no hidden agendas or he wasnt trying to get me in bed, he just wanted to put a smile on my face. His sacrifices for me were financial and more importantly to me- they took time, energy, and thought. Though we are no longer together, I look to that relationship as a standard for what real compromise is about.

Talk is cheap and your time and energy are priceless. Dont stoop in thinking that there is an equal exchange there. Baby I love you does not = time. Baby you're the greatest you look so nice today should = sex. Ummm...people, make them DO something. Even if its WAITING..allow yourself some value in a relationship, it is what one does that counts- I can tell you whatever I want you to hear, if my mouth works properly. Let someone show you that they are willing to be in the relationship..have that connection with you, and then dont be fooled. Ladies especially, dont fall for the okey doke. He might spend a billion dollars on you if he's a billionaire -just to get in your bed. That might not be a sacrifice, it might be low key prostitution. When someone is not willing to do for you in a relationship but they expect everything in return from you- its time to check their motives.

Im speaking in lamens terms. If they arent willing to do the small stuff to make the relationship work- you have a problem. My ex used to buy me: my fave candy, flowers, make little wishes come true...those things cost little, but I was absolutely flattered. Flattered by the idea that he must think the world of me to do things out of the blue to ENCOURAGE my happiness in the relationship. My lil sis's guy was not willing to do the same and on top of his unwillingness to make it work- he has requests that she must fulfill. How does that work? It doesnt. A relationship without compromise, reciprocity, and sacrifice is sure to fail. That is unless one person in the relationship has no self worth, and in that case the relationship might continue in a rather unhealthy path.

There are many things that can be said about this subject, but Im trying to keep my blogs shorter, lol so Im going to end this. Before I do, I just want to remind everyone to not be fooled by what someone says...they can better show you how they feel by their actions. TNT Babykayks