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KayKi's Closet

This is another shoe from Versace's Spring/Summer Collection...Amen. lol

Work Tiny!


Yall know I loves me some Tiny :) Since I was a child I have admired her, but watching the Tiny and Toya show puts her in a totally different light. I wanted to share this bomb photoshoot she did w/ Mr. Rob Ector with you all. she working this? Ugh.. love the boots... She looks absolutely beautiful! S/O to Tiny doing major things this year. Her girl group The OMG Girlz are about to blaze the scene for all the little ladies in the world (Kayki's pen will be on that album if Kiesha/Tiny ever get back to me! I Have a BANGER for them! lol) and Major P Productions Im sure wont stop there...but back to this shoot...WORK Tiny WORK! lol TNT BabyKayKs
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Ask KayKi!

"Who is this Shanell chick & Why is she w/ My Boo?" LOL!
Shanell (dope pic right?)Click it to follow her on Twitter!

Kayki!! Hey girl! I love your blog I have two questions. My first is what happened to the follow button you used to have? I wanted to become an official follower but I think the link to it is disabled? My second question is kind of random but maybe you can help. I am a huge Lil Wayne fan and I really like the love you show him on your blog even though you say you are just becoming a fan. That is my boo! I read on and that he was dating a girl named Shanell who is a part of young money. I have seen her around, but do you have any real info on her? Like who is this chic? Whoever she is she needs to know that my man is off limits! lolIm just kidding, but I hope you can shed some light. Im sure you willm, you always do. Lots of love, Kaeri

Dear BabyKayk,

First, let me say that I think this is sooo cute! I had a lil celeb crush growing up, Im not sure how old you are, but I think its adorable! So for the sake of me walking down memory lane, we'll go ahead and refer to Mr. Carter as "your boo" for this blog, ok? lol..

About your first question. The link to "follow" the blog has been disabled on purpose. Im trying to find ways to make it more pleasing to the eye so please bear with me. Im sure you've noticed the adds as well. They are not very cute, but you all should click on them every once in a while, lol. The layout will probably keep changing in small ways until Im comfortable with it visually. As for the follow button, I may bring it back if I find a better way to place it. In the meantime, continue to check back to for all updates and such- no matter what changes in the layout- I'll still be blogging for my readers like you! Thank you SO much for the love!!!!!!! muah!

Ok on to Ms. Shanell..well I dont know A LOT about her. You all know I go to extremes to provide info for my BabyKayKs. I know we have a mutual friend, my pal Victor whom I sing background for knows her personally. I started to hit him up like can you give me any info on Shanell!? lol...but I'll just share what I do know- I hope its enough ;)From what I know of her seems like a more fitting question is, Who ISNT this chic?! LOL..

Shanell is a singer/songwriter/professional dancer from Atlanta GA. And take it from Kayki a pretty decent singer/songwriter myself..I know talent..and she's definitely talented. Sometimes when women come on the scene under a guy we get shade thrown our way as if our sex appeal is all we have. I'll vouch for her- she is very talented. From what I've pieced together from various sources she met your boo while on tour -she was a dancer for someone else's set. She told him that she was an artist and he took her up on hearing her out. I guess he really dug her music because she is now a member of YM-which you know. Now for somethings you may not know about her:

A. Shanell is responsible for some of your boo's success, LOL. She introduced the "Milli" beat to Wayne, wrote "Prom Queen" (which she is featured on, both in the video and on the record- you know the girl on stage who kisses your boo at the end? LOL..thats Shanell). Im sure her influence is all over other YM songs as well that I am unaware of. If you ask me she may be responsible for this whole RocknRoll image change up Wayne has gone through..she's a pretty rockin type of chic.

B. Shanell is the real older sister of DWoods(formally of Danity Kane). I didnt know this until I started following her on twitter a while ago..if you look at some pictures you can see a resemblance.

C. Shanell is a member of "The Girl's Club" which from my understanding is just a group of talented women who put it down in their endeavors. They are writers/singers/performers.

D. Shanell is working on a project, but is focusing currently on promoting the new YM record, "We Are Young Money" which Im sure you have right??? lol. I am not absolutely sure that her own project is near completion...but she often tweets about being in the studio, so maybe. Consider though that she is a dope writer, so she may be working on other peoples projects while in the studio. I'll be sure to keep you updated on her since I know at least one of my BabyKayKs is interested :)

E. Shanell is really a cool chic! I know you wanna fight her and all because they say she's with your boo, but let me say this. I follow quite a few celebs on twitter...and she is one of a few that take the time to reply to their followers. What surprised me about Shanell is the first time I ever tweeted about her, she sent me a dm(private message) thanking me for checking her out, which I thought was such a star move. She didnt do it for everyone to see, not for show or anything, but just a sincere thanks. When I hit her on twitter today to tell her about your question and that I was gonna put you on..she replied, "yes girl, let um know mama!!" -so she's real cool. Also according to people who know her personally and the plethra of youtube videos I watched to have something to tell you LOL...she's really a sweet/cool/talented person- everyone seems to love her..not just your boo.

Now as far as your boo being her boo... you know Kayki likes to stay away from rumors..there are other blogs that hold that down, BUT.. I cant say that I havent noticed (and I may have even commented on it in a previous blog about Wayne) how affectionate he is with her. That may just be a great friendship and she may just be someone he really adores as a friend...doesnt mean they're together. One of my best friends is a guy and people SWEAR we are more than friends..and we honestly arent. We are just really affectionate, so I'll stay away from saying that about your boo and Shanell. I will say if you're on twitter..hit her up or visit her page and ask her. :) You just might get an answer...

Well I hope this helps. You can youtube her, there are quite a few videos on her that may give you more info than I did, and anybody else with info please feel free to comment or message me as always. Also check out her website for more info. On youtube she has personal videos, a joint called "Play in My Band" (I dig it-it rocks out!), amongst other features with your boo. ;) So s/o to Shanell for the buzz. Im sure this year will be a crazy successful one for her. I wish her much success and many blessings. She's adding an edge to urban music that we really dont have..gotta love it.

PS. If Shanell is working on an album..somebody tell her Kayki's pen is crazy..I think we'd create a monster together..what do yall think BKs?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Music That Moves Me

I've had this song in my posession for a while. Today I woke up feeling some kinda way and something told me to pop the cd in. Boy I've been singing it all day. This song is really encouraging! My bf is not a fan of Kandi, but she loves this song...the message is undeniable. Fly above your haters BabyKayKs TNT

Kandi "Fly Above"

Que's Dawn :)


All of you reality tv/mtv/Diddy boppers know about Que of Day 26's romance with Dirty Money's Dawn (Formally of Danity Kane) Well, it has flourished! I have seen Que tweet many times that he's going to propose to Dawn soon. They have been an item for a while now, and its a beautiful thing to watch them tweet each other, or see them in photos together. Que who has recently gone solo ( click the photo for his twitter page for that info) is taking the time to present a bit of himself to his fans in a countdown to 2010.In this particular video he shares his heart for the lovely Dawn. How sweet.I wish these two much success...and somebody tell Que to get at me for this album!LOL! TNT BabyKayKs

"Thriller" A National Treasure!

Click the image for the full story!

The Library of Congress Film Registry has anounced that the historic music video by the late Michael Jackson will gain one more point in the history books by becoming the first music video to be placed in the Film Registry. I wonder if he were alive would this have happened? Anywho, congrats MJ! Your legacy lives on. TNT BabyKayKs

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KayKi's Closet

This may be a bit fashion forward for some of you..but I LOVE them! Ugh..
Versace Spring/Summer 2010 collection *sigh*

Ask KayKi!

"How Do I Move On?"

Kayki, I love reading your blog! I wish you would post more often, but I really do enjoy reading it. I think you give sound advice also. I read your Ask Kayki reply about being in love with a friend and I thought that maybe you can help me. Id like to remain anonymous PLEASE! I wont write a long email, but basically, Ive been seeing someone for 2 years. We have a child together and I feel in my heart that I love him. Unfortunately I dont feel that he loves me the same way. He sees other women, and I know for sure that he sees his other babymama. My heart is crushed everytime I think about it.I have been here for him, whenever he needed me. Im at my witts end. I dont know what to do. Everytime I think Im strong enough to leave him alone, he comes knocking and I always let him in because I love him and I want him to be in my son's life. Im not asking you what I need to do, I have known that for a long time. I need your advice as to how to let go of something I feel so strongly about. Im in tears as I type this, please help. Thank you!
** Dear BabyKayk,

First thanks mama for the compliment. I do actually try to post at least once a day..but the past couple of weeks have been crazy! I'll do better. Ok, I signed up for this right? lol.. I know what this feels like. No, I dont have any children with anyone (Im sure that brings about a whole other element of feelings) but I DO know what it feels like to love and have to let go. I'll try to make this as short as possible,but this is urgent & may take some time! Sweetie, please make sure you check your email for the personal response that I sent to you. What I want everybody reading this to know is that love in itself is a force from God. Some little piece of heaven that He allows us to feel. There is no hurt in love itself. It is a power in itself. When we fight it, or try to live w/ the appearance of it instead of what it really is, thats when we hurt.

You can love him and not be with him. You are a better person for embracing the love that God has given you for someone else,even if they reject it. Take this advice to heart, it is from the heart. To begin with... you are made by God with care. Which means, you are absolutely beautifully and wonderfully made be careful to never ever forget that. You are in a situation where it seems to me that that fact is being overlooked not only by him but by you also. Its ok to do for people because you love them, but when doing for them means reducing your own self worth to nothing..its unhealthy. You're beautiful and just as you got with him, God has someone else who will appreciate and care for you as you have him, so I wanted to encourage you before I give you my steps. I know you probably feel so low because you've stayed around as long as you have, but thats ok..we're moving forward! Here is what I think you should do.

A. Understand your worth-Rebuild your esteem! Sometimes we can allow ourselves to be used SO much that we forget how valuable, and beautiful we are. I would encourage you to take some time to look at yourself in the mirror (literally) and understand the things about you that you dont like and that you do. Relearn yourself. What makes you happy? If you can afford to treat yourself in some small way do so. How you truly feel about yourself is always evident in the way you allow other people to treat you! Take some time to sit and think about all of the great things about you and if you cant find anything...I have one.. YOU HAVE A HEART OF GOLD! I can tell from reading this that you are a selfless person. Im sure you are a great mother as well. Take some quiet time to yourself to just breathe and say thank you to you! Build your self esteem up!!!!

B. SHUT the cookie shop DOWN! Oh Lord! I cant stress this enough! This is the most obvious/most ignored part of ending a relationship by women. Sex can bring about a strong bond between two people, and in a woman's mind it can mean a lot more than a physical interaction. have to close the shop- and KEEP it closed. Im sure it wont be easy, but you have to make up in your mind that you are WORTH more than what you can sexually give to him. He's probably telling/doing to you the same things he's telling/doing to his other bm. SMH Girl LET that GO! This step follows point A because once you get point A down- this will be a piece of cake!

C. Let your closest friends/fam know you're letting go! When you are in a long term relationship with someone-especially when children are involved, your friends/family usually have energy invested in that relationship as well. Negative or positive, they usually feel some kinda way about it and usually share it when they can. It is so important to let them all know that you are moving on! That means all of the little comments/discussions on their part should stop. The only time he should be brought up is if/when you bring him up. Demand that from people. I know from my own took my friends/fam forever to realize I wasnt playing and all of the " Well thats my son/brother" "How is he" comments/questions had to stop. You cant move forward if you're being dragged back by the people closest to you.

D. Dont expect him to bow out easily! Self explanatory. He wont give it up...he'll try everything he can to keep getting it in with you. A lot of times men feel a slight sense of ownership in a woman they've been messing with for a while, but you have to let this guy know that you're not playing! Tell him that you need to end this as it is, and that you both can still be great parents to your son. The part about you trying to keep him in his son's life is pointLESS. A man is a man...if he isnt he's a boy. Him being a good father should never be contingent upon your relationship...and vice versa. It is his responsibility regardless of whats happening between you two. Be prepared for the things he may say...but hold your ground. This is NOT about him..its been about him for all of this time and he's failed to acknowledge it, so now its about YOU and whats best for YOU! And at this time- it is not him!

E.Give it time! Take it from KayKi, YOU WILL HURT! OMG! I can remember nights I went to bed in tears, praying and asking God to change my heart quickly...instead it took 5 yrs. Im not saying it will take that long for you, but thats my story. Now that Im on the other side of the pain, I understand that it was necessary. Always allow yourself to feel your emotions. When you need to cry, scream, be so..feel it. Allow your heart to go through the motions of healing as you would any other place of hurt on your body. Alcohol burns sores and time w/ a broken heart burns the soul...BUT they both help to heal! You will be ok. You will be a lot stronger and happier in the end. Dont call yourself moving on so quickly only to be covering up how you really feel...that will hurt you in the end. Remember you cant ever control how you feel...but you can control what you do with those feelings.

F.Keep people around you who know where youre going & will remind you of that! As I said earlier your friends/fam play an intricate role in you moving on. During this time you may have to distance yourself from some of them, but thats ok. Find those who understand your hearts plight and ask them to keep you on track. Keep you moving forward. Now, from experience I can tell you that there will be times where you will get into it with these peopl, because you'll become weak in your journey and they will feel the need to keep you on track. Listen to them...they are only doing whats best.

G.Ok, last one..Keep God's view of you always! This brings it full circle from the first point..God sees you in a special way. Sometimes its hard to let go of what feels good. Things can feel SO good for a moment and thats usually enough for women to hold on to hell for a lifetime. God created you and He loves you. You are ALREADY enough for someone. You are ALREADY beautiful and worth being appreciated... thats how God sees you...and throughout this process you will have to remind yourself of that often. God has a GREAT plan for your life... trust it.


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Ms. Toya Carter Can Get Your Look Right!


S/O to for the pic and 1 of the OMG Girlz in the background! Click it to follow Toya!

Toya Carter, the reality show mega star is venturing off into other areas..and doing her thing while at it. Toya is the ex-wife of Rap Icon Lil Wayne, the two share a beautiful daughter (Reginae "Baby Carter" of the OMG Girlz) together. She is also 1/2 of the history making BET reality show Tiny & Toya. I have mentioned her in other blogs concerning Wayne and haters.. but I wanted to take a moment and tell you something about her that you may not know.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Ask Kayki!

*Im in love w/my best friend!*
Here is today's letter.
Dear KayKi,
I need your help, here's my story:

I'm in love with my bestFriend. And I don't know that he knows I am. I'm too scared to tell him how I feel because I'm afraid he doesn't feel the same way about me & I end up hurt. I know he loves me but I doubt he loves me like I love him. And I'm not even in love with him for what he has or how he looks, but he stimulates my mind in a way that no man could ever come close to. He sees the God in Me. I see the God in him. He loves me beyond my flaws & faults. He accepts me. His heart is soo pure. Everytime I talk to him I'm inspired all over again.

And what makes it all so genuine is the fact that he's just my friend. He's not trying to get with me. He doesn't force himself on me. He's not rude to me. He doesn't have to impress me with what he has. I can be completely comfortable with him as he is with me.

And I don't know how to tell him how my love for him goes deeper than the deep. Lol! I don't want to create a space for akwardness & possibly ruin our friendship.

Sooooo what do I do??

Whew! BabyKayKs this hits home!!! First, call me an optimist, but I think true friendship can last through mostly anything. Friends are willing to at least go to extreme depths to TRY to understand where each other are coming from. A true friend also knows the heart of their friends. They know what their friend's intentions are...this is why a situation that might tear a part an association between two people will only be a bump in the road for a true friendship.

So, first off sweetie, this puts you in a very very odd situation and trust me I know! Sometimes when you have a friend of another sex you get rather comfortable with them and the comfort and ease of being around them alone can spark certain emotional responses. I must say that I have been here before, and as wierd as it may sound, my friendship with that person is still in tact and I think we're stronger, more honest, and know each other a lot better for it.

Secondly, Id say you have to get together, face to face. Agree on a mutual place not your home or his, some place else where you can talk alone. You need to express to him how you feel. Period. You owe this not only to yourself, but to your friendship. I know in my situation, my friend and I have always been extremely affectionate with each other. I would hug him, lay on him randomly with no other intentions, just because he was my friend and we were close. I didnt know all along that he had other feelings for me, which was directly unfair on my part and indirectly on his.

My point is... my normal "friendly" behavior unbeknownst to me was making him feel some kinda way. Him not telling me how he really felt only allowed me to continue to do it and for him to continue to think maybe I shared his feelings. So most importantly he has to know! Next you have to be prepared for him to say, I love you, but not like that. As his friend, you owe him your friendship... and he owes you the same.. nothing more or less. So prepare yourself for him to say he doesnt feel the same and know where that will leave your relationship.

Since you all are friends all of the wonderful things he does/says might just be him acting out of friendship, but because you feel so deeply you're misinterpreting these things to mean something else. So since this might be the case, prepare yourself for the truth- which may not be what you want to hear. A lot of the load will be on him, and what type of person he is. Depending on how much he values your friendship, and how strong he is in it....he can respond a number of ways. You have to be SO sensitive to how this will make him feel.

This may be a huge shock to him, or he could be waiting on you to say something. Either way you have to be strong enough to face the truth for the sake of your heart. Loving someone romantically is far too beautiful a thing to not pursue, but I cant stress enough how important it is for you to be PREPARED for his rejection. If he does feel the same way thats GREAT! You should consider in what way you want to move forward! You seem to have put a lot of thought into this..I can tell by the tone of your email :)

This is longer than I expected but over all Kayki's advice is to be honest with your friend, and be respectful of his decision. If he doesnt feel the same way dont try to force it on him or get mad or start acting funny. From what you say "He sees the God in you" he might just share these feelings. Whatever you do remember to be respectful of how he feels and make sure you tell him!

Music That Moves Me! *Christmas Edition*

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!When I heard this song I flipped out! I absolutely adore Lalah Hathaway's tone! You can hear her dad's voice all over her voice. What a blessing she is to our generation, being that we can hold on to the Hathaway sound a bit longer :) Anywho listen to this all the way through its amazing!

Israel Houghton ft. Lalah Hathaway "Nocturne"

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tell The Truth!

Mashonda's On the of Her, Swizz, and lil Man
Mashonda, Kaseem, Jr. , and Sr.

Since on twitter, one of the really cool people Ive had the opportunity to chat it up a bit with is singer/songwriter Mashonda (Swizz's estranged? wife). Anywho, Im not gonna go into detail about whats happening between these two and A. Keys, Im sure you already know. While she was on twitter(she recently deleted her page, like a day ago) she not only shed positive light but encouraged people all of the time, but of course the blogs wont tell you that part. They like to tell you about her moments of weakness that were very few.

Anywho I wanted you all to know that Mashonda has her hands in a lot right now! She has a line of intimates coming out soon. Look out for it! I hear as well that Mashonda might have a prospective boo thang! Also I want to commend both Mashonda and Swizz for coming together (even w/ the recent twitvo) for their son's about clean! OMG lil man is killing the game!!!!! Love it! LV'd out at 3.. TNT BabyKayKs
S/O NecoleB for the pics
Photobucket Photobucket


Click the photo to hear it

This is Pj's second time being feature in the MTMM section, sure it wont be his last. This is one of the free songs he's been making for his fans. I hope you all enjoy, PJ's version of "A Christmas Song".

First African American In Space Inducted into US Astronaut Hall of Fame

guion %25e2%2580%259cguy%25e2%2580%259d bluford hall of fame june Pictures, Images and Photos

Guion Bluford, the first African American and second of African American decent to go outer space will be one of four astronauts receiving a special award this June. Bluford who participated in four Shuttle Flights between 1983 and 1992. His first flight on the Challenger mission STS-8 he made history as the first African American in space ( I know some of you think you've been there, but thats a whole other blog!) Anywho big BIG kudos for this and paving the way :) TNT BabyKayKs

KayKi's Closet!

This section mirrors fashions both that I have and would LOVE to have, lol. The featured LV kicks today need NO intro at all. Shout out to my big bro Frank for putting me on to these. He has always kept his gear on tomorrow.. I'd wear them and Mr. KayKi would

OMG!!! Sex & The City 2!!!!!

Ok, so no lie - this is probably my most anticipated movie of 2010!AHHHHHHHH Im screaming inside! lol. The clothes, the drama!!!! Yes Yes Yes! When Sex and the City I came out my bff and I went to see it together and we were SO inspired by the fashion that the next day we both KILLED the game with our fits! lol... This movie series really does inspire me, just as The Devil Wears Prada does. Every fashionista should see this..cant wait!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Music That Moves Me

In honor of TIPs release...Today's selection

TIP ft. Justin Timberlake Dead & Gone (listen to the words!) Again Welcome home Tip!



Almost a year ago, famed rapper and Tiny's boo TIP started his sentence for gun related charges. Prior to going in, Tip made sure that he visited local youth organizations and made an effort to discourage the youth of today from following in his foot steps as far as the violence is concerned. While making his rounds a lot of people were concerned with whether the "King" would be able to come back on top.

Honestly to me it doesnt even feel like he went anywhere. The radio (at least here in Atlanta) continued to hold TIP down. Of course his love Tiny made sure she kept his name and rep up with her appearance on award shows and her constant tweeting about him (which is just adorable!). Well today on twitter a few members of Grand Hustle Tip's label just couldnt hold it in and tweeted that TIP had been released from the facility where he's been serving time.

It is my understanding that TIP will be staying in a Halfway House here in Atlanta, but Im happy for him non the less. Tip has a family that has really missed him during this time. Im glad he can be closer to them and 1 step closer to being home with them! The King is back! TNT BabyKayKs


OK, its official, we are now KAYKISPEAKS.COM whew and Im glad! That old url was too long to type/say!!! So now you can just use kaykispeaks, but if you prefer to add the.blogspot on the end for some strange reason- thats ok too, you will be redirected here! Thanks for your patients while the site was down!!!! Xoxo

Monday, December 21, 2009

Brittany Murphy Passes Away..

Some of you might remember her from "Clueless" or "8 Mile" or any of the other numerous roles this young actress has played. Well, unfortunately Brittany Murphy passed away yesterday in her Hollywood Hills home at 32 years old. Her family according to The Washington Post claim that Murphy had been experiencing flu like symptoms prior to her death. It was reported by other sources that she passed away due to cardiac arrest. This is so disheartening. 2009 has been a crazy year with SO many celebrity deaths its almost unreal. My prayers are with her family, friends, and fans. TNT BabyKayks

Friday, December 18, 2009

*UPDATED*Wayne Arrested?

BabyKayks...About 15 minutes ago, President of Young Money and life long friend of Wayne Mack Maine tweeted the following..

Unbelievable!!!!! Is America really da land of da free?? Well y they thrive on takin away successful citizens freedom?? Especially of color?? Sh** gettin old

Now Im not exactly sure what he was referring to, maybe he just needed to get that off of his chest, but in the meantime, TMZ is reporting that Wayne has been arrested yet again today in Texas. According to TMZ he is being held in Texas -reasons unknown. I pray this is not true.

*Update* It is now being reported that no arrests have been made, but Wayne and 11 others are being "detained" due to officials finding MaryJ on two of his buses. No drugs were found on Wayne himself, just on the buses. I hope that this is just a stupid rumor. I am really really REALY rooting for Wayne, mainly because he has 4 beautiful children to raise, Wayne doesnt need anymore of this.
**UPDATE #2** According to Young Money's Mack Maine and Shanell everyone is ok and nobody is locked up! WHEW! I know right. Hopefully this is the last we will hear of this matter (fingers crossed) Also, BabyCarter herself chimed in on twitter for a minute (yes she has a supervised twitter account- yall know Toya dont play about her baby!). Her thoughts..
Policeman need to leave my daddy's ashame.I'm off tonight bye yall
Umm... Mr. Police man you hear that? Us daddy's girls DO NOT play when it comes around to the main men in our lives! Get it together or holler at Reginae is what she's saying :)


Hey BabyKayKs,

If you havent noticed the site has been doing some strange things! Its because it is officially about to be KAYKISPEAKS.COM! Yes! Cool right?! Well if we didnt have all of these errors due to the transition it might be. Anywho, I'll keep you all posted as to when the "big change" will be official. The site has been acting way up since the name was registered, so just be patient. You can not access the site from that address at the moment it will take a few days. Until then, continue to use Once the change is made you will be forwarded to automatically so dont worry about trying to still access it once the change happens. Im sure a new layout will be coming (we'll try to stick with the new one for a while). Again as always thank you thank you thank you for showing my blog so much love in such a short time. TNT BabyKayks xoxo


Kayki For the Kids... Happy Birthday Naviyd!


So, I absolutely adore children, its a known fact. They are just the cutest, most hilarious, and loving people on earth! Bossip posted pictures from Usher's sons birthday party (Im not sure when it was, but..) I wanted to make sure I sent a happy birthday out to him! Isnt he just adorable! Geez I love chunky babies :) TNT BabyKayks

Thursday, December 17, 2009

RIP Chris Henry


Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry passed away today. Now those other blogsites are digging way deep and inappropriately(in my opinion) drawing conclusions/making up stories about him and his family. The fact of the matter is he is gone. May God's peace&love be with his family especially his children now and forever.TNT BabyKayKs

Ask KayKi! (Hey Who in the WORLD are you?!?) LOL


Yay..I so love this section! Our next Ask KayKi was honestly a surprise to me. When I started this section I figured people would be writing me about relationship/ love/ friend advice, but the first two have been about the blog and now me! This BabyKayK didnt sign off with a name, so Im just going to leave them anonymous for now. Here we go..
Hi, I read your blog everyday. Thank you for being positive and funny! I noticed that on your pictures in the ask kayky section you have photos with lalah hathaway. My question is , are you related to her, what else do you do besides blog, and is kayky your real name? God bless u.

Well! First off, thanks so much for reading my blog everyday!? That means more than you'll know to me. I really really appreciate it! Ok, the truth is Kayki is not my real name, it is a combination of my first and middle names :)So there is your answer for that. Yes that is Lalah Hathaway in the photo with me. No I am not related to her, though if you see a resemblance in that pic you are not the first to say so :) I went to her show here in Atl and got to meet her and her beautiful mother who is the lady Im hugging in one of the pics.

Besides blogging I am a singer/songwriter Spelman graduate c/o 08' who also has a regular desk job :) I have sang behind a lot of great people/toured both nationally and internationally and right now focusing on my writing- hopefully a few placements (songs on people's albums) to come in 2010. I spend most of my time in somebody's studio, so I absolutely love music. I am just a regular chick with God's mercy and grace abounding in my life. Thats it. Im blessed to be able to do the things I love: write, sing, share my thoughts with people and hopefully make a difference in the process.TNT BabyKayk anymore questions just ask :)

Monica Showing Twitter Love for Attention? SMH

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NO! Before you JUMP to conclusions that SMH is not to Monica, its probably to you! Or whoever else feels that the title of this blogs answer is yes. BabyKayKs the beautiful and talented Monica is one of the "celebs" that I follow on twitter. I'd written a song that I thought would be great for her so I started following her in an effort to keep up with her recording process and such (didnt help :)) but found out that she is an absolute pleasure to hear from daily via twitter. Monica is very very inspirational, encouraging, and uplifting on twitter. Not just to her fans, but I often see her spreading love to her peers as well.

That is commendable in a society where everyone is labeled competitors and haters. Monica, who is in my opinion a vet in the game continues to reach out to the younger, and not so much younger artists/celebs with words of wisdom, advice, and comfort. Even in the times when she is facing life's blows such as her babies both being sick at the same time, or just being tired from her hectic schedule, she still manages to tweet positivity to everyone. This is nothing new, I promise you. Today for some reason its being highlighted by a lot of my tweeties, some of which feel like its a cry for's my opinion if I may give it on my blog..

If you ask anybody who hasnt been under a rock since the mid 90s to name the female artists of OUR generation, I am confident Monica's name will come up. Trust me, Monica is WELL known, WELL loved, and WELL respected by many, she has no need (especially not now with a hit show on BET) to make any calls for attention, and if she wanted to Im sure twitter would not be her first choice and avenue. To think that people cant just be nice is beyond me. I feel for Monica so much in this situation because I am known to never hold my tongue. If I feel that someone is horrible at something or needs some work- Im the first to open my mouth, but I am THE SAME WAY when people are great at something or need to be acknowledged. There is nothing "attention seeking" about it, if you appreciate, love, like someone there is nothing wrong with telling them that.

Also why wouldnt Monica, a lover a music, a mother, a singer, a writer express to these people her words of encouragement? She'd want the industry to prosper, is a nurterer, and good with words obviously, lol. I talked about Monica in my first Stop the Hate entry w/ Tiny and Toya..come on guys/girls love yourselves already- then hating other people will be impossible! Im just saying BabyKayKs is it necessary for people to constantly pick a part everyone's intentions? When you find yourself not even being able to see the good in the good, you're looking through bad lenses. Shout out to Monica...continue to do what you do, I love ya for it and so do the love filled people who follow you on twitter. You and your children's lives will forever be blessed because of the seeds of faith, love, and encouragement that you plant in people's lives daily. Blessings...and umm..who can I send this track to?? LOL TNT BabyKayKs xox

*SN I know none of MY BabyKayKs hate like this- when I say you..Im just speaking out of frustration through my fingers :) LOL

Stop the Hate:

Dear Chris Brown Haters,(GO BREEZY GO BREEZY GO!)

Ok BabyKayks, I have attempted to sit and write about this for some time, but as with my music, when Im really passionate about saying something and my emotions are all tied up in it- it doesnt come out right! So, I've put it off and put it off because I've been so moved/annoyed/appauled/ disgusted the shade that has been thrown at CBReezy since his incident with Rihanna. You all know the story so I wont go into it, but I will say that forgiveness is SO important in life. People have all but damned Chris Brown as if they are God Himself on judgement day. Ma'ams and Sirs you are not perfect, and you too have made some mistakes in life. Just because he hasnt burried himself alive or slit his wrist doesnt mean he is not apologetic and absolutely sorry for what he's done. GET OVER IT!

This news about stores not stocking his album, I ABSOLUTELY believe. People kicking him off of award shows..I ABSOLUTELY believe. Oprah's gripe with him (but she had her dear friend BeBe Winans on her show who was arrested for the same thing) was outrageous. I mean at some point the world needs to learn that its not even close to perfection. As a matter of a fact we are all only perfect at being human, which in itself is the BIGGEST imperfection there is. Anywho, Im gonna end lest I write a 55 page dissertation on why Breezy owes the haters nothing!!!!! This video I feel is wonderful because it shows the showman/talent that Chris Brown is. I appreciate him finally getting the opportunity to give MJ a tribute. I mean this dude is super tall, but he still moves so well (I dont know many great dancers of his stature). I pray that Browns career picks back up and that people start treating him better. If you think youre helping someone by not forgiving youre wrong. If you cant find it in yourself to forgive, you cant find it in yourself to be forgiven. TNT BabyKayKs xox

Young Money on Monique Show


Wayne and his whole YM fam were on The Monique Show last night on BET. I caught a tad bit of the performance and seen the rest on youtube. I must say that it is 1.5 billion of them all happily on stage together. Kudos to Wayne for being a man of charity and a great father(again). Also kudos to Monique for making sure that she put it out there that no rappers arent perfect but they are darn good business men, and most of them do more for our communities than we do.

I must say that Wayne is so bashful at times its almost cute. I love that he proudly said he's a daddy of four and that they are most important to him. Not that Wayne ever bites his tongue, but Im even more happy that he didnt this time. I can also respect Waynes answer about Reginae hearing his music. He said she's gonna hear it anyway, so he'd rather her hear him. Which might sound foolish to some, but consider this- if she hears it from him, then she can go to him and he as her daddy can explain it to her. I agree with Wayne, and other parents can use what he is saying as instruction to talk to your kids about sex, drugs whatever. Trust if you dont someone/thing (tv, radio, Wayne) will!Also kudos to Wayne for saying that if he werent a rapper he'd be in school. That is so big for him to say. Why you ask? Well believe it or not, some kid's view of school and how cool it is was changed in that one moment. Young people really respect rappers and hang on to their every word. Also, many of you may not know that Wayne was like a baby genius in school when he was younger, so I totally believe he'd made a great lawyer. Look beyond people's outer appearances, you might find the good in them.

Shout out to ALL of YM on stage. Shanell held it down center stage the whole performance, I was buggin! Like- does she have a part in this song that Im not aware of? I love it though. Is it just me or is Wayne forever hugging up on her? Anywho she's mad cool look out for her music, she has a song right now called , "Play In My Band" ft. Wayne that rocks out..check it. Also Nicki held her own of course. Its almost expected now that she will take the shine from anybody she shares the stage with right now. As soon as they call her name or her part comes up- the audiences always go crazy. I've said before and I'll say it again- Nicki do you! Monique showed her a lot of love and even stepped to her about being "The Mistress" LOL. Too many fellas to write about them all, so the ladies get the spot light today, but I wish YM much success. If you missed it- of course Kayki has the vids :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ask Kayki!


Well, we have our first Ask KayKi entry (I thought it would never happen! lol) well here I go. Check the top right panel if you'd like to write in. I also send a personal email back.

Today's email is from a new BabyKayK Jasmin :)(make sure you all check out her blog!)
Hey KayKi,
How are you? First off I would like to thank you for taking time to help me. I just created a blog on Blogger to help me organize some of writing. I love journalism & poetry!! I just wanted to get your opinion on what you think draws a person to wanting to read a blog. Also what can be done to make a blog more appealing to readers. I already have an idea of what I want on my blog I am just working on getting things up and running. Please check it out and give me feedback Thanks a Million!! =)


I pray all is well!Thanks for writing in!! Well, I first I want to say congrats on starting your blog. You'll find it tedious, annoying, and worth it!

The first piece of advice I'd give any blogger is to blog for yourself. I write because I have something to get off of my chest. When I started my blog, I had no idea who if anybody would read it. Different people have always told me I should blog, or write a book, but I thought ok, who would even care to read this stuff? So, I went into it with the same mindset as I used to go into my poetry journals back in the day; I was writing because I wanted to- not necessarily for people to read it. That will make the difference in whether or not you get tired and quit! If your goal is to have a lot of readers, you have to be patient and be willing to work at ways to attract new readers, twitter, facebook, emails, etc. Then dont let your number of followers discourage you (Ive gotten messages from people who read it everyday but arent for whatever the reason following- the comments reflect that as well). So just be patient, if that definitely is your goal- its not really mine.

My second piece of advice is, though you are writing for yourself make sure it is something that people can read and understand just in case you have readers/followers. This is very important I'd say with anything you put yourself into- make it presentable. I know I might have a typo here and there, because honestly Im usually ranting in my blog and never have any time to check for them, but I always try to go back through and re read them at least once, just to make sure that they do flow.

My third piece of advice is, to set the atmosphere/tone of your blog from the door. This is important so that people know what to expect. For a long time I had sort of a personal statement on my blog (my early followers/BabyKayks should remember it). The statement just said that my blog was a place for me to write what was on my mind. That it was positive and that I welcomed everyone's comments/opinions in love. Most importantly I made it clear that it was not a messy/gossipy blog (as most are) and that if the reader was looking for that - they were in the wrong place. I explained that my blog would cover all things that I felt were interesting meaning, entertainment, world news/events, my family, just whatever. So from the door, my BabyKayKs knew what to expect, and how my blog would be complimentary or not to their lives.

My fourth piece of advice is to be as organized as possible. This is a place I struggle a bit with, which is why I've changed the layout a couple of times. I want it to be visibly easy to both read and understand as far as the whole layout is concerned. I tried to come up with actual sections of the blog ie. MTMM, Smile, Stop the Hate, etc. that would help to make it easier for my readers to sort throught the many articles. I also tried to find a layout that was spacious enough for my usually extensive blogs :) The previous layout I had was a bit too bunched up for me.

My last but very important piece of advice is to not be afraid! Dont be afraid to try something cheesy, or weird, or bold. For example, I initially thought calling my readers BabyKayKs was just lame! Some of you might still think so, but I learned that people like to feel as though they are associated with something. Finding a name, or a way to make your readers familiar or connected with the blog is a great way to keep them coming back. Also I went out on limbs when I wrote blogs about certain celebs or people who I follow on twitter and then tagged them in the tweet. You never really know if they'll read it, or how they will feel about it, but I did it anyway. It ended up working very well for me. I have celebs who have RT'd, read, dm'd me and this blog! Once I noticed this, I started the section to the right that has all of their comments- to some of the readers it may be interesting, others may not care, but it also shows people that hey, so in so is a BabyKayk too.

Im no blog expert, but I hope this helps you in some way to get the ball rolling!
TNT BabyKayKs xox,

Monday, December 14, 2009

Music That Moves Me

So happy! Its Christmas time. This is one of the many records my mom would pull out around this time of year (her favorite time of year). When I hear it it takes me back to those days when life was just GREAT...decorating the house/tree and grooving to Motown Christmas :) Enjoy!*sidebar* can anybody tell me why he starts the song w/ " my mind.." LOL- love it!

Stop The Hate:

Dear Rasheeda Hater(s)

Click the above picture to follow Rasheeda on twitter!

Ok, this section of my blog is for ALLLL of the haters in the world. Its just NOT necessary, and honestly in the end you always end up looking like a fool! This is The GA Peach Rasheeda giving her haters some facts so that they can hate accurately! I love it! I've always been fascinated by people who consume themselves SO much into someone's life (that they REALLY dont know AT ALL) enough to hate. I mean this takes time and energy people. For whomever to find Rasheeda on twitter,& Tweet her some nonesense is just foolish. My question is what has she ever done to you? From the looks of things Rasheeda is doing REALLY well for herself, but even if the hater was right-WHAT does it profit you to hate on her?

Anywho,I hadnt planned on posting videos or anything in this section, I was just gonna give my own opinion on why its foolish to go at this person or that person, BUT Rasheeda handled this one very well. I thought yall would enjoy how nicely she gives the facts....LOL SMH when will people learn?Please get a life, but if you want to talk about people- find the good to talk about, or AT LEAST find the truth! I must say that its funny that their group of friends have been the first two features in my "Stop The Hate" section- doesnt that say that they are doing SOMETHING and doing it right? LOL- I try to keep my blog "kid" friendly, but this video has a bit of grown people language in it :) Not for the kids...
* If you dont know who Rasheeda is, she was featured in the Music That Moves Me section a few weeks ago* TNT BabyKayKs

The Princess & The Frog #1 at Box office


Now, I know that a lot of black people were upset that the first black disney princess turns into a frog, but I feel like some people are never ever happy. We need to stop trying to find a gripe in EVERYTHING that happens to/with us. Every disney princess turns into an animal, or their mate turns into an animal or there is some type of spell casted or something, its the fairytale way of doing things people- get over it! New Orleans culture is HUGE, I think they were creative in using that culture - its something our children can identify with and if they cant the parents definitely can. Anywho, Im happy happy happy that FINALLY my nieces/ lil sisters can see themselves as a cartoon princess!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord knows you wouldnt have been able to tell me a thing had this come out 15 yrs ago! TNT BabyKayKs

Comedian Charlie Murphey's Wife Passes Away


No BabyKayKs that is NOT Eddie Murphy in the pic. That is his brother (who can almost pass as his twin!) Comedian Charlie Murphy & his lovely wife Tisha. Mrs. Murphy battled with cancer for over a year and it was reported this morning that she lost her battle yesterday in her sleep. As always lets keep the Taylor, Murphy families in our prayers!TNT BabyKayKs

..Dont Be Fooled, Prayer Still Works!

BabyKayks, I understand that all of my readers dont believe in Christ or some of you may not consider yourself "religious", but when I saw this video I HAD to post in on my blog. As some of you may know I am a Pastors/Preachers kid (disregard any stereotypes you've ever heard- no stereotype is true)and I have been blessed to have grown up in the church under my fathers teaching. I talk a lot about my parents because they are the most amazing people I have ever met. I learned about God & belief from them in my home more than I ever have learned in a church.

I saw God work through my parents in many ways growing up. I have been blessed to witness them speak things that were not- and they became. They have spoken life & death about people/to people and those things came to be. Now so that I dont lose some of you who arent familiar with what Im saying- my mother has said "so in so is about to have a baby" or "next year this time she'll have a baby" & Sure enough those people were w/ child in that time. She's said "next year this time someone in our family wont be with us"- and sure enough someone passed away almost in exactly a years time. This might spook some of you out- but to me it only validated that I believed in a God that really exists who still speaks to his people & works miracles.

Leaving my hometown I came to Atlanta and joined my present church family Greater Travelers Rest and have seen God's power move through people's lives here as well. I have watched God change lives, heal people, and in my own life work things out that I just knew were impossible.Two of my favorite things to say are , "dont be fooled, prayer still works", and "Miracles still happen!" I dont say these things because they sound good. I say them because I have witnessed them. I have witnessed someone's terminally ill doctors report turn all the way around more than once after the believers came together in prayer! I have gone to pay a bill (tuition that I DIDNT have) and it was taken care of already AFTER I prayed about it and decided to let God take care of me as He promised!

**And, many people seem to think that God has to do something DRASTIC and mindblowing in order for it to be a miracle. I always say.... every isolated heart beat is one- you research why it keeps beating and tell me its not amazing (but we rarely ever consider events as that a miracle)**

Well I'd like those of you who need a little more proof- a little more wow factor to watch the video below. It moved me to tears at work just now, because I have witnessed God do this so many times, He is AWESOME!! Now, growing up in church I want to warn you that these people are praisers!!! You have different churches that worship/praise in different ways- some are more radical than others, but as long as Jesus Christ is the center of their worship- I dont care how they express it. Some of you might be like, WHAT is she saying!?!?! WHY is she screaming?!?!?! WHY are they clapping, running, jumping, shouting?!?!?!? My answer- get to know Jesus in your own way..and you may at some point on life's journey find yourself doing the same things. Be blessed BabyKayKs and if you have any questions/comments that you dont feel comfy posting remember you can always email me. God still works miracles. Merry Christmas! God is GOOD! TNT BabyKayKs

Friday, December 11, 2009

Enlighten Me Please

Now yall know Im not about hating anybody or anything so BabyKayKs please take this in love- as it is always given in love.

If you have millions of dollars- can travel anywhere you'd like in the world. A family, children to live for. What could possibly make you wanna do anything and find yourself in somebody's prison for even a day? Thats not cute or cool. Random thought- TNT BabyKayKs

Sins of Your Father?


I found this news very intriguing and relative to a lot of young people that I know. The world famous drug lord Pablo Escobar is no stranger to the ears of anybody these days. Some people lived in his time to witness his reign of terror, others are informed of it by some rapper's will to keep such a legacy alive( at least thats where I know him from). Let me update you all if you dont know just who he is.

Escobar is one of the most known names in the drug movement. He practically ran the world at one time. He is known for ordering many hits, and pushing drugs all over the world. Escobar was considered to be a man with no heart- a man who did whatever he felt necessary to do. He was the king of the cocaine age (80s) and respected because he was feared. Many of you have probably heard of the name "The Cartels", well he was the head of the organization who was responsible for the majority of the drug trade in the US from Colombia where he originated.

Though his wealth stemmed from violence and drugs- he was still noted to be one of the richest men alive by Forbes magazine and received lavish sponsorships from politicians and other organizations. He was untouchable. Two of his most famous hits were the assasinations of Rodrigo Lara Bonilla-Colombia's justice minister, and Luis Carlos Galan-a presidential candidate who waged openly a battle against drug cartels. In search of Escobar and his illuding abilities(due to having millions of dollars) many lives were taken. Finally in 93 I believe he was gunned down on his rooftop by authorities.

Why am I writing about this now? Well, I have learned that his son, Sebastian Marroquin (he changed his name) has set out on a road to be forgiven by the families of his father's victims. Now at first glance I was like, why is this relevant to him? He did nothing wrong, but the more I thought about it- the more sense it made. I began to look around my life and see how many people's emotional, physical, spiritual well being are wrapped up in the legacy left for them.

Its important that parents not make life any harder for their children than it will already be- because it is life. We are all human and do things that we are not proud of, but I honestly feel that at some point when you become a parent- it should turn from "what I want" to "whats best for my child". Escobar's son is not the person responsible for his violence, but he is his seed, and therefore will forever be attributed to such a violent man. You can see this trend in many peoples lives. Consider generational curses, or people who's parents are homeless, or addicts on the street- those children are often living in their parents shadows.

The flip side of this is that a good name- or a good legacy can do just the same. I know that (as much as I hated it growing up) when I go home, there are very few people I cant say "McSwain" to w/out them getting all excited, "I love your parents" or "your mom did this or your dad that". It is their name that they've passed down to me- and luckily its a good one, but maybe yours isnt. If you find yourself in Sebasatian's shoes, here are Kaykis recommendations:

1. Forgive your parents. No matter what they have done- it is never healthy, or beneficial to carry the burden of unforgiveness on your shoulders. Not forgiving them will hurt you more than them. You will learn in life that forgiveness is due every man w/out reason- trust is something they have to earn. It does take time- dont rush forgiveness!**when you find it impossible to forgive- you find it impossible to be forgiven**

2. Release yourself from their failures. This is so important. People will make mistakes and because you are connected with that person, its easy for you and others to place that cloud above your head as if you actually committed the crimes/sins that they committed. Rebuke that feeling from your life. You are their child, not necessarily their protege. What they have done is not your fault- you have the opportunity to make good on the name by making better choices- dont blow it.

3. Dont run from who you are. I have met so many people with "good & bad" names who try so hard not to be who they are. For example I hated being known as a McSwain growing up- not because I was in any way ashamed, but because I wanted to be considered Kanisha first. I had to learn that I am Frank & Bettye's daughter -period. You must learn to accept who your parents are/what your past is. Thats the only way to know where you're going. Sebastian for example changed his name and hid out for some years but it didnt change the fact that he is Escobar's son.

4. Dont prepetuate the cycle. I think this is the most important one. I have never/will never understand how people can suffer tremendously from the pains and failures of their parents, and then turn around and place those same pains into the laps of their children. DONT DO THAT! I dont get it. I know what the saying is, but I wish it were "hurt people heal people"- that makes more sense.

So while Sebastian is on this road to be forgiven for what his father has done, Im sure he will face rejection. BabyKayKs you cant control how people perceive you- just make sure that your motives in life are pure- and let God handle the rest.

TNT BabyKayKs

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dream & Christina say Step Ya Wedding Gear UP!


So, I have been watching this relationship blossom before all of our eyes. I remember reading on MTO one day that Dream & Christina were spotted out and about, and of course people made assumptions as to why. I wont even repeat them b/c I thought they were just pure hateration and we dont do that here. How come a singer and a producer cant just fall in love? Anywho- I thought from the door that they were an adorable couple and complimented each other well. Soon reports started to surface that the two were expecting and then engaged. It seemed to have all happened rather quickly, though you can never really believe or rely on the media to be accurate with timing- even still love doesnt have to take time- it can just happen!

Photos of the wedding have finally been released and the above photo (I took from MTO- I really wanted yall to see it obviously, LOL).I must say- both Dream & Christina look absolutely wonderful. Dream has been catching slack for what he has on, but I think it is fly as heck! People who dont understand fashion, or have no vision past tradition cant understand it, but its making perfect sense to me. I think his outfit compliments his bride's very well, and Christina- well I wont say anything about her but FLAWLESS!!Whoever styled these two- kudos kudos kudos. I'd like to know who's idea these fits were! This picture is inspiration. Step your wedding gear up! I think their look is exceptional and classy (as much as I hate to use that word- its so fitting). Lets not forget the look of pure joy that just exudes from this picture.

I wish these two and their family the very best. Everytime I read his tweets about her, or see a new photo of them- it seems to be something real. God bless them!!
Dream's tweet about his outfit!

OfficialDream: "those are Tom Ford Riding boots so if they are stockings I paid 5k for them and I wore them because no one else have!"

In other words- also step ya shoe game up! LOL TNT BabyKayKs xo

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Music That Moves Me

BabyKayKs this is one of my FAVORITES(wait- they all are)lol. This song is SO beautiful-the lyrics are amazing!

"..cus she will love you more than I could- she who dares to stand where I stood.."

Missy Higgins "Where I Stood"

Leaders Need Not Apply


So, I posed this question on twitter a while back, when discussing the way in which politics are ran these days. The more I considered how many politicians are faces but not brains behind offices, I began to realize this trend in all areas of my life. I meant to then post this question on here to see what my BabyKayKs think. Consider the leaders you know, they may be political, religious, family matriarchs, or on your job. My question is;

How many times are leaders placed in position for other skills/qualities save the skill/quality to lead?

Think about it. What say you?

**Clarity for Niece and others- I know a lot of leaders who are: talented, passionate, maybe attractive, but these attributes dont make you a leader. We put these people in place to lead b/c of these attributes and not because they actually have a leadership quality. Which means they understand how to step forward and do what needs to be done for the betterment of everyone they lead. Get it?

Pay to Creep!

Photobucket is one of many news media outlets talking about the little known fact that in some states, a participant in an affair can be sued by the spouse being cheated on! Yes BabyKayKs it is true! My hometown of IL being one of those states. Dont get it? Let me sum it up! If a wife is cheated on by her husband...she can sue the woman he cheated with. Yes! LOL its called an "alienation of affection" suit. Already allowed in 7 states including Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota and Utah!

At first glance or hearing, one might think that is ridiculous, but consider this; you can sue someone for defamation of character, or pain and suffering. Which are both used in defense of hurting someone emotionally right? So, consider the pain a spouse goes through when their husband or wife has an affair. Now, those people can sue the person who is interfering w/ their marriage. Personally, Im a big believer in handling your relationship issues. Im the first to tell you, dont go after the person your spouse is cheating w/ they are not in a relationship with you and therefore are not obligated to you in any way.

It is important that you deal with the spouse who is meant to be faithful and respectful of the ramifications of your relationship in order for it to be effective. Women especially spend so much time calling other women up, going by their jobs, starting fights or whatever when the truth is- if he's not cheating with her, he'll cheat with someone else if he is a cheater. I've never understood how women get so mad at the other woman, but stay with the man. How they blame the other woman and talk so ill about her, but stay with the man. THAT BabyKayKs is FOOLERY at its best.

Now, these women who feel like their husbands lovers (and vice versa) are responsible for keeping their spouses faithful can take them to court and get paid. In other words in those states, if you're gonna be cheated on, you'd want your spouse to cheat with someone who is PAID! LoL... Im just trying to make something light out of this. Its absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. I mean, it makes sense, but its not a solution to the problem. KayKi is about solutions, not bandaging wounds. Suing the person your spouse is cheating with fixes what? It might make you feel better to reciprocate some pain, but that "better" never lasts long.

Im gonna have to hear from some of my "lawyer/law school friends" about this subject, so that I can better understand this law. What if the other person didnt know the guy was married? Can they still be sued? Its such a gray topic, I need more understanding before I make any more assumptions. What I will say is I hope and pray that non of Tiger's mistresses carried on an affair with him in any of the forementioned states...because they could soon lose all of the money they are now being paid to rat him out- Im just sayin. TNT BabyKayKs xo

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tyler Perry's Mother Passes


BabyKayks lets say a prayer of comfort and peace for the hit writer/producer/philanthropist Tyler Perry and family in the passing of his mother Willie Maxine Perry today. Tyler updated his site to inform his fans of her passing. We were all praying for her healing-today God made her whole.

Quote of the Day issues!

Ok, all know that I was updating the quote of the day on a regular, and I've gotten an email asking why its been the same lately. Its not on purpose. The new layout has a glitch and Im hoping to fix it soon, but while you're waiting I'll post a new one here. TNT BabyKayks

"..when your backs against the wall...move forward, obviously its the only way to go!!!!!!!" -Kayki


So, I promised that I would post music that expands your taste & expectations in the MTMM section of my blog! I've tried to post songs that I really really dig- which for the most part is usually alternative stuff that people probably dont listen to. Well, this is probably a post most people who know me wouldnt expect.

When I moved here for Spelman in 04' it was really hard for me to get with the "crunk" Atl type of music. Not that I never got with it in the clubs or whatever, but for my own personal collection I just wasnt diggin it. Im from IL. We like soulful music w/ great lyric..and a lot of times I felt like the crunk music movement was rather soul less and shallow. I have since changed my opinion, its not all bad. No matter how you feel about it, you have to admit that Atl has its own flavor/style/ and sound!

About a month ago I was asking a girlfriend of mine who the heck this chick was that I kept seeing with Toya and Kandi. I was like she has to be an entertainer of some sort because she just gave off that energy. My girl told me she was a rapper named Rasheeda and that I probably know at least one of her songs. The most important thing she said though was that Rasheeda is one of the originators of the way all of these A town rappers flow. I was like, WOW thats a big statement, but my girl, who is born and raised in Atl told me that once I heard her, I'd understand.

So, I youtubed her (which is the best way to get answers these days, lol) and her song "Bubblegum" popped up! Yall know the joint, "..the typa girl you wanna take to ya mama's house.." LOL..that joint was super catchy! I was like, duh, I know her! After that I noticed a few other videos on her so I watched and was pleasantly surprised at how great her personality was. The videos I saw showed just a real down to earth, funny, beautiful, confident woman who was on her grind doing what she loves. Man, that alone can get you a fan. I think artists now a days make it hard for fans to connect w/ them because they are so above it all. Personality and humility can take you far people.

So, though this is not my favorite type of music, when I received her cd from the Tweet&Meet instead of disregarding it(as I probably would have), I decided to listen. Yes, her personality is what encouraged me to even care to listen. I popped it into my player and the first joint "So Official" came on. From the door it didnt sound much different from the rest of Atl's music BUT what moved me were the lyrics (as always). She's on some straight encouraging, go hard, do you ladies, Thank God type of stuff. Yall know I loves me some positivity. So my choice today is a culmination of just observing her videos,meeting her at the tweet & meet, & actually liking this record! She's just mad cool, so today's Music That Moves Me spot goes to the original Georgia Peach, Rasheeda... She a BOSS! lol TNT BabyKayks..xo

Monday, December 7, 2009

Kandi, Toya, Rasheeda, and Diamond host the first Tweet & Meet


Kayki & the girls (Rasheeeda, Kandi, Toya, Diamond)
**A couple more under the read**

Hey BabyKayks, I feel like its been forever. So, Kandi has been talking about doing a tweet& meet event just to get an opportunity to meet her fans for some time. Well, she made good on her word by having the first official "Tweet&Meet" for her fans on Sunday Dec. 6, 2009 out in Lawrenceville. Kandi from the beginning included her girls Toya Carter, Rasheeda, & Diamond calling for an even larger turn out! I must say up until the very last minute of getting ready I debated on going. I was really hyped about the event at first- but Sunday came quick and I had soo much work to do! BUT, I went anyway for the sake of my BabyKayks- see how much I love yall?? :)

Friday, December 4, 2009



Ok, ok ok!!! This is a great day BabyKayKs! As most of you know I am a huge huge Jay Z fan. I have been told more than once, "man I dont know a chic that knows Jigga like you!" I just can appreciate great lyric and Jay gives it everytime! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jay :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yay! Oasis Wonderwall you might recognize a line or two from this joint BabyKayks..Jay Z stole it from them, lol. Love this song enjoy!

Stop The Hate:

Dear Tiny, Toya, & Monica hater,
Ok- this is a long one BabyKayks :) LOL..I recently came across a blog that someone had written concerning a few ladies in the spotlight. The blogger (still not clear on who he is) basically made an effort to bash Monica, Toya, & Tiny's character as good women and role models(you can see the whole blog on mto or bossip..dont remember where the person said they got it from).I wanted to blog about this because I see it so much.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Congratulations to Nivea & Wayne


Nivea and Toya at an OMG girls performance...thanks to for the pic.

The last of the Carter babies- that we know of- was born today in Atlanta! Singer Nivea and longtime on and off again boyfriend (fiance?) Lil Wayne welcomed a little boy Neal Carter into the world today according to Mack Maine on twitter. I just want to say shout out again to Toya Carter (Wayne's ex wife, oldest child's mother) for being such a lady all of the time. She always embraces the other children/women and was one of the first to tweet congratulations to Wayne & Niv. I love babies- they are always a reason to celebrate..and we know from an earlier blog that his oldest son's mother responded to that Wayne is a great dad! So again congrats!

Smile :)


Ok, My nieces/nephews are characters! This is my 6 yr old nephew Phelin in his element while his Uncle Calvin records some drums in the studio- Enjoy BabyKayks!

Happy Birthday!


Oh Boy! There is a lot I could say about this person- but for your sake and mine I will keep this very very short. Today 27yrs. ago my dreams came true. I hope he has a smashing birthday! TNT BabykayKs

Saturday, November 28, 2009

As Time flies...

So about 2 years ago, I thought it would be cool to post a video of my then 4 yr. old niece Madyson and 3 yr. old nephew Phelin singing/dancing on youtube. I had no idea that Mady's version of "Encourage Yourself" would become such a youtube hit. Her parents and I used to try to read her comments to her, but we couldnt keep up with them all. Now Mady is in 1st grade reading at a 4th grade level and can read her own comments :) People's lives were really touched by it.

For about a year now I've been getting messages/comments asking me to have her redo it now that she's a little older. Its kind of hard for me to answer all of the requests because I live in Atl and Mady in IL. Well, last night she stopped by to see her new lil cousin, and I got a minute of her time to record :) I wish I had told her to sing a bit louder, but you can still hear how beautiful her voice is and see how much she's grown up! Her lyrics are still the same! Its the cutest thing, but you all know what she means!

Everybody knows that my nieces/nephews mean soo much to me. Im in awe of how talented and smart they all are! They bring nothing but pure joy into my life and I share them with others because I want others to experience the love they share with me. As long as people still want to see/hear them, Ill keep recording ;) I've been telling their parents to get them into some auditions or something, but you know how that is.... Anywho here's tia's Madyson singing "Encourage Yourself" at 4 (for those who havent seen it) & again, now at 6 years old... my how time flies.. TNT BabyKayKs

Friday, November 27, 2009



This baby is going IN! I need to know her so that she can pray for me! God bless this little baby!
Watch it all the way!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Addition to the Family

This Thanksgiving is particularly special because my sister gave birth today to the latest addition to our family. I come from a pretty close knit family, and my immediate family is just blossoming with babies (none by me! lol) It seems as though my siblings are all producing the Baby Boom Prt. 2 On their own!! Anywho, if you know me you know my nieces/nephews are my world and I couldnt be happier to get another... welcome Prysen Auqi Feaster :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my favorite holiday of the year traditionally. I feel as though it would be Christmas if we hadnt gotten so far away from the real meaning of Christmas by focusing on the material gain. This time of year is always great because I can just be around my family and be thankful for all God is to us. I encourage everyone to sit for a moment and just be thankful for what you have, what you DONT have, where you're going, and where you've been. Also, feed somebody else this Thanksgiving.. Love You BabyKayks!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What They Said!

Ok, 1 more addition to the blog. This section will feature another person's words/blog and my opinion/response. The first spot goes to a friend of mine who practices law in Chicago and writes an article for Chicago Lawyer Magazine online. I loved this article and wanted to share my opinion.. Click the title (What They Said!) to be directed to the actual article..

--What Kayki Thinks
I just read an article by a dear friend of mine that sparked my interest! It might just be my fave by him thus far! His article which can be seen at the above link focuses on the law here in America and how it relates to immigrants and people from other cultures!

Ive had a similar conversation with my room mate about the law regarding sexual offenders. She'd had a very interesting conversation with her dad about it and brought it to my attention. The idea was that an 18 yr old high schooler dating a 16 yr old high schooler could easily be incriminated for something that was consensual on both parts - as the case of Darrion Albert here in GA so clearly outlines. I think that the issue with abiding by the law stems from a lot of people's misunderstanding of the law itself and as crime as an offense against the law itself, not necessarily an individual. Its the only way I can find any sense of understanding as a law abiding citizen, lol.

Growing up, my mom would flip out if I left the iron or curlers plugged up. Now technically if I am curling my hair and I need to run down to get something really quickly and come right back, there is nothing wrong per se with doing that. I am not intentionally hurting anybody. Yes I might use up a little more energy, but whats the actual crime? Well, my parents figured early on that they couldnt leave any loop holes for injury to occur to anyone in our home.

There was no harm in me leaving my curlers plugged- that is until my baby brother walks in and yanks them down onto his head..possibly burning himself! So the rule stood as a way to make sure everyone was protected. When I accidentally left them on, or didnt think about it- I got fussed out. When I left them on and nobody was hurt- I still got fussed out. The rule stood as a proactive measure & the consequence a direct result of offending the rule itself- whether or not anyone was hurt.

So is how I interpret law. Though the sex was consensual the 17 yr old offended the "law" by having sex w/ a 16 yr. old. A law that is necessary to have due to all of the predators preying on children everyday not just in this country, but around the world. If the law is amended where is the protection for them? It is the risk taken. Its important that we know the laws and then govern/protect ourselves from the consequences of the offending the law.

For some it might be as simple as waiting a year to date someone-well worth the wait. You might say, well what if the victim says it was consensual?.... That cant slide either. There is so much fear and such a stigma attached to sexual offenses that many victims recant their stories, or lie just to escape such embarrassment, thereby leaving the guilty uncharged. So the law must stand as it is and we must then abide by the law, which brings me to my next point and my stance on Kwabena's article.

My mom also hated to see dishes in the sink! They were there because whomever was meant to wash them didnt, but she absolutely hated to see them either way. Personally I didnt see anything wrong with a spoon sitting in the sink for a couple of minutes, but my mom does/did! It irritated me to no end to hear her going off about dishes left in the sink, but there wasnt much I could do about it as I was living in her house. Now that I live in my own house, if I wish to say, "Ill load the dishwasher before I go to bed" thats my choice. As in my house I can abide by my own rules-I feel the same way about immigrants.

It is vitally important that if they choose to come here, that they understand and abide by the laws here just as Americans do. Kissing your child's genitalia might be acceptable and even welcomed in Cambodia as leaving dishes in the sink for a bit is allowed in my house, but as I had to adjust when living in my parents home to their must the Cambodian woman in America. For the offense again in my opinion is not necessarily "wrong" in the Cambodian lady's mind, or mine- but by all means it is contrary to the laws governing our place of residency. Laws meant to protect the well being of what is considered right/wrong in America. Due to the fact that America is a melting pot, full of many different cultures, it is easy to dismiss the fact that in and of itself it is a country - with its own laws and rules to follow. Those laws have to be learned and understood by everyone walking on American soil.

As much as I clearly see lots of room for error with our judicial system because of these types of law, I also understand why they have to be as such. When I go to Cambodia, if I have to cover my face, then I must first be aware of that & cover my face. Now if I am unaware of such a law that is unfortunate, but again I feel it is totally up to me to educate myself on what is acceptable in my current situation. If Im going to England to meet the Queen, I should know what practices are demanded, acceptable, and respectable while in the presence of the Queen. It is my responsibility to learn such things- not the Queen's responsibility to bend years of tradition/law on behalf of my ignorance to spare me my consequence.

So, I hope this makes sense to you all, I really really liked this article if you cant tell! Its a great debate topic as well. As much as the law can be annoying, I just try to remember that when I commit a crime I offend the law itself. If it says I cant go on the red light, as much as I hate waiting when no cars are present, I must wait because that is the law of the land. Whether or not I hit someone- my offense is against the law if I choose to run the light.Whether or not Im aware or even used to such a law is too much for the law to consider if it is to be effective.

Consider the way in which laws keep order in the land as well-which is why we cant always consider the way in which other cultures/ countries live as their way might not be conducive to how we live here in America. Im not gonna go on and on about that, but its another relevant point! Anywho Im done- just loved that read...great article as always Kwabena! TNT Baby Kayks


Ok, today continues my favorite singers series..and I have nothing but one word to say about this lady who is tied w/Chantae and Ashley as my ALL time faves. That word is Listen.