Thursday, July 31, 2014

Press Play: Tank- Hope This Makes You Love Me

When it comes to r&b music, years down the line our generation will have Tank to answer for us. Man, once again this guy has delivered a soulful falsetto record for us to swoon over. Hope This Makes You Love Me is a beautiful song about how a man is changing for the better to win the love of his lady. 

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Expecting Baby Number 2! (See Adorable Photo)

Such a beautiful thing! While wishing her husband producer Swizz Beatz a happy anniversary, Alicia Keys also confirmed that they are expecting their second bundle of joy together. Man, have you seen their oldest son Egypt? He is SO adorable! We can only imagine what baby number two will look like! Wonder if it's a girl this time!

Rihanna's Side of the "Rih Cursed Fan Out In Airport" Video from Yesterday

Yesterday was a great day for the standard Rihanna hater. A video of the pop star walking through the airport rather frustrated and "cursing out fans" was splattered all over the internets. That was right up the alley of people who feel the Bajan has a major attitude problem. The video was edited and released with a narrator informing viewers of a scolding she handed down to her body guard and a fan "just trying to meet her". Ironically, this photo floated by my timeline of Rih in the airport that same day.. posing with a fan.. so what really happened with that infamous video floating around?

Real Life Notebook: Elderly Couple Dies Together After 62 yrs together

Do you believe in the power of true love? The film The Notebook glorifies the ups and downs and almost mystical idea that true love forces some divine bond between people. In the film, the couple lived together and died together. Well, a California family is sharing a story some people won't believe.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Elle Varner Sings Her Version of The National Anthem at EBC Celebrity BBall Game

Elle Varner recently sang the National Anthem  at the EBC Celebrity Basketball Challenge in Brooklyn. Elle definitely has always had her own sound and look. She brought both of those things to her performance. I love the country twang in her voice. I think she's so cute!

Willow Smith Releases Interesting Song, 8

Willow Smith has been into numerology lately- at least thats what she told MTV was the influence for this latest song, 8. The study of numerology suggests that numbers have an influence on us. Will and Jada's daughter told MTV that her recent interest in numerology stems from numbers following her and her friends around. Willow is  such a unique teenager. Her thoughts about life and truth seem to reach far beyond her years.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Whitney Houston's Mother Not Happy About Biopic- See Behind the Scenes Footage (video)

As you all know I'm a huge Whitney Houston fan. I was one of those people who cried my eyes out the day she passed away. She was my childhood hero, so her death was in many ways the death of a childhood dream. So, needless to say I'd love for her legacy to live on in all of the positive ways that it can, and it very well should.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Music & Video: Tameka "Tiny" Harris is back with WTFYGD

Tiny has been in the news lately for all sorts of reasons stemming from personal drama surrounding her life.  It looks like she's keeping it moving on the business end as we've always known her to do. After being asked for a while to release something official, it looks like Tiny is ready to do the solo thing.

Aww Alert: Beyonce Shares Priceless Family Photo

Beyonce loves giving us these precious little photos of her family. This one is the latest. She shared her and husband Jay Z swinging their little girl in between the two of them. When I was a child this was like, the best thing ever! Blue is growing up so fast, she's so tall!

World News: Train carrying bodies from #MH17 crash leaves rebel town

An Associated Press reporter on Monday witnessed a refrigerated train carrying many of the 298 bodies of people killed in the Malaysia Airlines plane crash, as it pulled away from a rebel town in eastern Ukraine.