Thursday, April 24, 2014

World News: Submarine drone search continues for missing Malaysian plane

A U.S. submarine drone will keep combing the Indian Ocean floor for traces of a missing Malaysian jet airliner after it finishes its current search, Australian authorities told Reuters this week.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Love & Quality Time: Turning Boys into Men

"What a Man loves a Man honors. The issue is usually boy minds in man bodies. [...] The metamorphosis from boy to man has to be one of the most beautiful yet delicate changes that ever occur..ever. Unfortunately (& I don't know why- lack of Men fathers or emotional stability) many of our boys don't get there. We stress the importance of the role of the Man father in girls' lives. but I'd like to submit that it's even more important for boys. We talk a lot about there being a lot of hurt women out there, but there are a lot of hurt men out there as well."

I'm starting to believe that love is one of the solutions that can solve many of the relationship problems that we have today with each other. In the case of this quote KayKi made on twitter the other day, the love foundation truly needs to be built as a young child with our living fathers (not father like figures). I'm not a man, but I'm sure bonds are created just the same between young girls and their mothers. With that said, am I wrong when I state that our parents are the ones we subconsciously look to to figure out how to be an adult? Although there are other sources that may play a role in how we become the adult we are to be, they set the guidelines for what is acceptable behavior.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter From Diddy and His Crew (Photo)

Christian, Jessie James, Chance, Diddy, D’Lila Star, Quincy, & Justin

Diddy and his kids are the cutest! I'm so loving their family picture tradition and how he's sharing them with us. Puff is one of my favorite celeb dads. He's always talking about his children, or taking pics with them, and spending fun time with them. You can tell he lives for his kids. The recent "Swervin' Sixteen" birthday party he threw for his mini me Christian was nothing short of everything for the 16 yr. old. Diddy is a cool dad.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brandy in the Studio with Kirk Franklin & The Walls Group! (Photos/Video)

Singers get excited!!! Brandy and Kirk Franklin were in the studio this week with some of our favorite gospel voices- The Walls Group! These siblings can SING their behinds off, and of course you guys know we love Brandy. These two musical forces accompanied by anything written or produced by Kirk is sure to be a major moment in music!

Monday, April 14, 2014

#Watch Chris Brown's Solo Dance Performance of Duet With Ariana Grande- Don't Be Gone Too Long

Chris Brown's team is doing a great job making sure that his music and career are moving forward while the singer handles some personal issues. To our surprise they released a short video of Chris performing to his new single that features the lovely Ariana Grande. Earlier in the year the two were photographed rehearsing for this very single, and now the fans get to hear a little of it.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jay Z Joins Nas on Stage at Coachella

Man, to see these two rock the stage together is always a treat to me. Especially because right in the heat of their beef back in the day, Nas who was my favorite rapper at the time introduced me to Jay Z. I was pretty intrigued by how well they dissed each other, but a big piece of me always wished they'd make up for moments just like this.

Watch Diddy Directed Birthday Movie for Twin Son Christian's Swervin Sixteen

How cute is Christian Combs?! He's like a little cute version of Diddy. A carbon copy to be quite honest. Diddy loves himself and he loves to throw incredible parties, so it's no surprise that when his little mini me turned sixteen this month, he went all out.

Beyonce Joins Solange on Stage At Coachella (Full Video Performance)

How cute are they! Nothing.. NOTHING like a big sister. Solange got to have a little fun with her's (Beyonce) as she joined her yesterday during her performance at Coachella.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

#Watch Outkast at Coachella 2014 (Full Video)

 It wasn't easy for Hip Hop lovers to go so long without the royal duo. Outkast is by far one of the most celebrated names in Hip Hop music-the two have been on somewhat of a hiatus for about nine years. Every once in a while a rumor would emerge that they were plotting a tour or a show or an album.. but nothing ever came of it.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Watch Drakes "I Witness News" Segment from Jimmy Kimmel

Drake appeared on Jimmy Kimmel again last night on the hilarious segment, "Lie Witness News". In the segment he walked the streets of Hollywood  in a bearded disguise interviewing people about his upcoming gig as host of the ESPYs, a fake sex tape, his career, and more. Drake talked briefly with Kimmel about peoples' responses to his new ESPYs gig before they aired his "I Witness News" Segment.


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